d&ad north kingdom president lecture
dandad d&ad president lecture north kingdom
dandad d&ad president lecture north kingdom

Last month Marcus Ivarsson and I got the honor to be invited to London by the D&AD President Sanky. He asked us to speak at one of their D&AD President’s Lecture, which is an event they hold six times a year. Earlier speakers have been Neville Brody, Shane Walter and Kyle Cooper for example and it's just one speaker at each event. The arrangement was very professional done, so we had a great time both on stage, with the great audience (over 700 people!!), and at the dinner and the clubs afterwards. Thank you so much Sanky btw, for the nice opening words you gave me! I will remember them :)

On stage we talked about North Kingdom and how we are are making our projects. We talked about "finding and follow your butterflies" and how to "be one big brain". This is how we were presented on D&AD's website;

"D&AD Black Pencil-winning North Kingdom is a world leading digital creative agency. Their spiritual home is Skellefteå, a small town next to the polar circle in Sweden. Depending on the season, the team enjoys 23 hours of sunshine or darkness a day."

It was also great to see the following week how people from the audience wrote review articles about our presentation;

Review — Higher Ground Creative (Picture)
Review — Young Creative Council
Review — Tom Cornfoot