Microsofts Body Recognition Project — Where will this end? This system seems to be sold with every Xbox in the future.
EyePet — I think this can be huge as well! PlayStation is using the Eye camera to bring a furry pet to life in your living room.
New York Nearest Subway — An augmented Reality App for iPhone that make it easy to find your subway.
ihologram — Nice app for iPhone that gives the illusion of a 3d hologram. I think we will see lot of this kind of stuff during 2010.
Social networks are getting huge — Social networks are getting so huge that many of them are competing in size with some of the largest countries in the world.
RUSE — I just want this table to be reel! Great to see our old friend Joseph Leroux from Coca Cola Zero as one of the actors.
Samsung Magic Unboxing — When do we have these kind of boxes? Nice idea but a very cheap end on the video.
Augmented Reality — Seems to be everywhere these days.