idn sweden is minimalistic

"Overloaded design can be both boring and distracting, while minimalism’s ability to cut to the chase gives it a decided commercial edge. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry defined the style as being “not when there is nothing more to add, but when there’s nothing left to take away”."

"Clean, unfussy, functional, minimalist... these are the kind of adjectives that would spring to most people's mind when the subject of Swedish design is raised."

In the latest issue of IdN, v17n6: Minimalism Issue, you find lot of Swedish creatives from varies fields. Really cool to see what's going on in the neighborhoods;

— Oskar Kron Design (Stockholm, Sweden)
"I find it interesting how typography can set a tone or convey a message in the way it is treated rather than what it necessarily says. It’s a bit like a bolt, it just holds everything together."

— Anneli Olander (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Chevychase (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Diftype (Umeå, Sweden)
— Slobodan Zivic (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Bergen (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Daniel Carlsten (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Dalston Creative (Stockholm, Sweden)
— RBG6 (Stockholm, Sweden)
— BVD (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Patrik Lindell (Stockholm, Sweden)

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