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London and D&AD, 2012


Some iPhone snapshots from last month when I spent three days in London with the Digital Design jury of D&AD. I learned a lot as usually but personally I think the overall quality was very low this year. I missed lot of good projects from the last year in every single category. To be honest, looking at Digital Design, I didn't see so much beautiful handcraft at all.


We also had time to check out all the other categories which was very inspiring.


The work was done in the amazing Olympia Grand Hall, London. Check out the behind the scene here.

I was also part of the Guldäggets jury this spring. Read more here.

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Juror of D&AD and Guldägget 2012


This winter/spring I have the honor to be part of two juries; D&AD in London and for the Swedish Guldägget here in Stockholm (The Goldegg). Today was actually the first day with Guldäggs jury. The next three days we will judge the mobile. at Stockholm Waterfront.

It takes pretty much time to be a part of a jury but it is also a very good chance to take a deeper look into what's happens in the branch and to network with talented people from other agencies. The setup usually looks the same; first a prejudging period from home where you are going through the big mass and remove 60 - 70 % of the cases, and then 3-4 days together with the rest of the jury where you are discussing and judging the top level. It use to be very interesting and instructive days with lot of discussions.

I have actually participated in some juries before, which always have been very inspiring; One Show (2009), D&AD (2008), Art Directors Club New York (2007) and Creative Circle Denmark (2002). Guldägget is my favorite so far with the most professional arrangement.

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One Show Interactive Jury 2009


This spring I had the honor to part of the jury of One Show in New York with Michael Lebowitz from Big Spaceship as Jury Chair. 28 invited from the business where gathered at the amazing IAC building on Manhattan, where we voted and discussed work from all over the world for a week. I had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks Kevin Swanepoel and Jeff Hirch for the most organized jury week I have been at!

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D&AD Webjury 2008


This spring I had the honor to join the D&AD 2008 Website Jury in London. First two days of voting from home and then three days of voting and discussing at ExCel in London. It was a very inspiring and fun!

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Art Director Club, 86th Annual Awards Jury


I did get the honor to join the judge at the Art Director Club as one of 26 in New York this year. It was a great opportunity to see some god work and met colleagues from other companies. ADC is actually the oldest competition of advertising art in the world. Founded in New York in 1920.

Paul Lavoie, ADC President; "The ADC’s most important mission is to inspire not only this generation of practitioners but also the next, which it has been doing for 85 years now. I’m proud to be part of this organization.”

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