It was a while ago since my last post of inspiration, but here are some of the best links lately with focus on new technology:

MeBot — MIT's most expressive telepresence robot yet.
Xbox Project Natal Painting Demo — Xbox are for sure doing some interesting stuff with their Natal Project!
The Mill's "Apples" — Amazing use of an iPhone and a custom tracking rig together with CGI

The Wired Tablet App — A video demonstration from Wired and their thoughts.
Mag+ — Nice research project from Bonnier R&D. And great move to launch it a week before iPad :)

Nitendo Facetracking — This is cool. 3D combined with facetracking on a DS. I think we will see lot of this in the future.
3D Face Technology — Little old footage taken from Japanese TV. But still very good!

“And Then There Was Salsa” — Very cool Vimeo takeover!
Macro Kingdom — 5DmarkII and a MP-E 65mm lens. Amazing!
Rhonda — A new cool way to draw stuff in 3D.

OK Go "This Too Shall Pass" — A really cool music video by James Frost.
Three reasons why storytelling is the key to success — Great and simple article about storytelling online.
10 Big Marketing Predictions For 2010 — Let us see how much will be true!