The process for making DCHPL-2 have been long, very long. The goal has not been the final result but just the process. To take time and learn new stuff! To sit down and think; what do I want to try? Here is some sketches and ideas I have had during these years I have been working with this. Sometimes it have been three four months between each time I have open the Designchapel folder, sometimes even more. And yes, it can be very frustrating to not launch the ship, to ask yourself “Will I never ever finish this?”, but somehow, you have to tell yourself also “Well, it is just a bloody webpage. Focus on what you think is fun, nothing else!”. It can be hard many times to not be stressed, but during my years in this branch you have to think on your social life as well, otherwise you will never stay long in the business.


Here are some really early sketches of the coat. The final version turned out pretty close to the one in the middle.


Hantverksutbildningen at Balder, Skellefteå, helped me to made the dresses. Big thanks to Harriett Lundsten, their excellent teacher. I hope we can do more stuff together in the future.


Håkan Moberg, a great photographer in Stockholm, took care of the photoshooting. The shooting was made in Stockholm, November 2006.


The pretty simple concept drawing of Father Robot was made in Flash. I wanted to have the 60s feeling at the robots as I had with the dresses.


Mathias Lindgren helped we out with the 3D models later on. These models would be the ground for the paintings.


Father Robot, made with Photoshop and Painter.


Detail study.