google io 2013 hobbit north kingdom
google io 2013 hobbit north kingdom

Yesterday we at North Kingdom had a work-in-progress demo on stage at Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco. The project is something I have been working on lately; Hobbit, A Journey Through Middle-earth. Made together with Google and Warner Bros.

Wired (live chat) —
"Next we see a Hobbit game running on the Nexus, lots of rich features, made possible by WbGL. A Rivendell game lets you dive in and explore the world, using touch, on the Web. It's fast, rich and very impressive, honestly."

Daniel Isaksson, Tech Director North Kingdom —
"People can't wait to see more when we launch later this year and are amazed that it is all happening from within the Chrome browser on the Pixel and Nexus Devices."

More to come...