I made a new image yesterday for our front on North Kingdom. Only because we have been really bad the last years to update our site with new cases. Yeah, you know how it is... However, here are some of the cases we have done lately.

n°1 — Vodafone Netguys, Vodafone Germany, November 2011. (Robert Lindström)
n°2 — The 5 Experience, Tribal DDB South Africa, May 2011. (Jakob Nylund)
n°3 — Daybreak, AT&T / BBDO, May 2012. (Jakob Nylund)
n°4 — Google ROME & 3 Dreams of Black, Google Creatve Lab, June 2011. (Robert Lindström)
n°5 — Build with Chrome, Google / Mark, June 2012. (Robert Lindström)
n°6 — ONLY - The Liberation, ONLY / UncleGrey Copenhagen, April 2012. (Jakob Nylund)
n°7 — Vodafone BufferBusters, Vodafone Germany, September 2011. (Jakob Nylund)
n°8 — Daybreak, Jack Boxers, AT&T / BBDO, May 2012. (Robert Lindström)
n°9 — Weetakid, BBH London, September 2011. (Robert Lindström)

In brackets I have mentioned who was Art Director from North Kingdom.

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