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2013 — 2015

Time flies. To buy and renovate a house with my family at the same time be a member and owner of a creative agency with 50 employees has literally eaten up all my time the past two years.

Here is a short summary;

New US office at Los Angeles.


Last summer we opened up at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, when we wanted to be closer our clients like Disney, Google and Warner Bros. The foundation of the office has been from our Swedish offices to keep our culture. However, we are hiring and searching for talents as we speak when we are growing over there. Contact jobs@northkingdom.com for more information. 

New Co-owners & Partners


We have brought in new blood into the owner group with Daniel Illic to the left (Creative Director, Los Angeles) and Jakob Nylund to the right (Senior Art Director, Stockholm). In Sweden, Martin Johnson becomes partner and will serve as Chief Growth Officer, focusing on business development in the Euro-Asia markets.


Some projects I've been involved in the last two years (I will update my portfolio with some of them (Behance) including more information).


North Kingdom for Warner Bros & Google Chrome, "Hobbit"
Senior Art Director & Lead Designer


North Kingdom for Disney, "Finding Fantasyland"
Senior Art Director & Lead Designer


North Kingdom for Disney, "Christmas Card 2014"
Senior Art Director & Lead Designer


North Kingdom for Google Chrome, "Cube Slam"
Art Director & Lead Designer


North Kingdom for Disney Japan (prints)
Senior Art Director & Digital Artist


North Kingdom for LEGO & Google I/O
Creative, Art Director, Concept designer


North Kingdom for McDonalds Australia, "The Emlings"
Art Director & Concept designer for characters


North Kingdom for Tele 2 Arena (Installation concept)
Creative, Art Director & Concept designer


North Kingdom Lab Royale (internal project)
Art Director, Creative, Lead Designer


North Kingdom Lab Royale (internal project)
Art Director, Creative, Lead Designer


North Kingdom for Disney Orlando, "The Mine-Train"
Design director, illustration art direction


Digital artist


North Kingdom for Star Wars (concept)
Art Director & Designer


North Kingdom for TV4, "Torpederna".
Art Director & Designer


North Kingdom for Saut Hermès (concept)
Art Director, Designer


Art Director

Art Directors Club Seminar, Hamburg, 2014
Adobe Creative Cloud, Creative Now World Tour, Stockholm, 2014

During 2013 - 2015 we have also got some awards at North Kingdom;

The Hobbit: The battle of the five armies (2015)
— Guldägget Sweden, Silver
— The One Show, Gold (Interface Design Craft)
— Andy Awards, Silver (Creative Technology)

LEGO, "Build With Chrome 2.0" (2015)
— The One Show, Gold (User Experience)
— Andy Awards, Bronze (Creative Technology)

The Hobbit, "A Journey Through Middle-earth" (2014)
— Awwwards, Site of the Year
— The One Show, Silver (Design Craft)
— Andy Awards, Bronze (Mobile / Creative Technology)
— CLIO, 2 x Bronze (Digital social & Technique/graphic design)
— CRESTA, Bronze (Branded Entertainment)
— FWA Site of the Month

Google, "Cubeslam" (2014)
— The One Show, Merit Award (Branded Games)

LEGO, Build with Chrome (2013 & 2014)
— CLIO, Silver & Bronze (User Experience, Digital)
— The One Show, Gold & Silver
— FWA Site of the Month
— Cannes Lion, Bronze (Web platforms - Web Service/App)

McDonalds Australia, "Emlings" (2014)
— LIA, Bronze (Branded Entertainment, Branded games)

Carlsberg, "Where's The Party?" (2013)
— CLIO, Bronze (Music - Integrated Campaign)

Paranorman (2013)
— The One Show Interactive, Gold
— Andy Awards, Silver (Website, microsite)

Disney, "Finding Fantasyland" (2013)
— LIA Silver (Visual Design)
— Andy Awards, Silver (Travel Leisure)
— FWA, Site of the Month

AT&T, Daybreak (2013)
— Cannes Lions, Silver (Best integrated content campaign)
— Andy Awards, Bronze (Mobile)

ONLY, "The Liberation" (2013)
— CLIO, Gold & Bronze (Sound Design & Graphic Design)

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Ten years ago I founded a small design & communication agency in the north of Sweden with one of my best friends; Roger Stighäll. We took the name North Kingdom, and the basic idea from the beginning was to become an international, well known, interactive design agency.

Our intention was to keep the agency quite small, working with the great network of digital folks we found in our hometown. Skellefteå is a very small town, but very very talented. However, during the years, more and more clients have approached us resulting in new employments. Today we are around 50 people, located in Skellefteå, Stockholm and after the Summer also in Los Angeles. It has of course been up and downs during the years. Inspiration has come and gone, but it has never been hard to see the potential in North Kingdom, so finding motivation has never been hard. Specially now, after five years in Stockholm; I have never worked with such talented people as I do today. The near future will be very interesting!

Looking back, we have succeeded with our goal. We are not satisfied, we can become so much better in each part of our machinery, but we are definitely on the right track!

Thanks everyone that has contributed in one way or the other to make this such a fantastic journey! A party will take place in August!


Download — Desktop wallpaper 1920x1200


Download — iPhone wallpaper 640 x 960

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North Kingdom at I/O 2013, San Francisco

google io 2013 hobbit north kingdom
google io 2013 hobbit north kingdom

Yesterday we at North Kingdom had a work-in-progress demo on stage at Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco. The project is something I have been working on lately; Hobbit, A Journey Through Middle-earth. Made together with Google and Warner Bros.

Wired (live chat) —
"Next we see a Hobbit game running on the Nexus, lots of rich features, made possible by WbGL. A Rivendell game lets you dive in and explore the world, using touch, on the Web. It's fast, rich and very impressive, honestly."

Daniel Isaksson, Tech Director North Kingdom —
"People can't wait to see more when we launch later this year and are amazed that it is all happening from within the Chrome browser on the Pixel and Nexus Devices."

More to come...

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North Kingdom projects

north kingdom adidas netflix disney neo

Another image I did for our North Kingdom site, showing some new projects from us.

n°1 – adidas archive, adidas, Feb 2013. More info
n°2 – Disney New Fantasyland, Walt Disney Park & Resorts Online, Dec 2012. More info
n°3 – adidas NEO Lookbook, adidas, Feb 2013. More info
n°4 – Netflix The Flixies, Netflix, Feb 2013. More info
n°5 – Paranorman Stop Motion Zombie Lab, Wieden+Kennedy, Aug 2012. More info

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North Kingdom Awards

awards clio one show webbys d&ad north kingdom designchapel" title="awards-spring-2013

We at North Kingdom are really happy to announce that we received some very fine international recognition this winter and spring. A great start to the award season and huge congrats to the teams and clients involved. We are always really proud when hard teamwork is recognized.


Build With Chrome
— Gold (Websites, Services)
— Silver (Integrated Branding Campaign)

— Gold (Websites, Consumer Goods)


Build With Chrome
— Public Choice for Best Online Campaign
— Nominee (Best Use of Online Media)
— Nominee (Best Visual Design)

Only The Liberation
— Nominee (Best Use of Video or Moving Image)

Finding Fantasyland
— Honoree (Travel)


Only The Liberation
— Gold (Sound Design)
— Bronze (Graphic Design)

Build With Chrome
— Silver (Microsite)
— Bronze (User Experience)

— Silver, Integrated Campaign


— Silver

Finding Fantasyland
— Bronze

— Bronze

D&AD —

Build With Chrome
— 1 nominee

Only The Liberation
— 3 nominees


Only The Liberation
— Best Interactive Film 2012

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Today we won our 50th FWA award!


Today we are super happy and extremely proud! We won our 50th FWA Award since our first SOTD in October 2003! More to come!

Read more — FWA Top 100 Most Awarded

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North Kingdom projects


I made a new image yesterday for our front on North Kingdom. Only because we have been really bad the last years to update our site with new cases. Yeah, you know how it is... However, here are some of the cases we have done lately.

n°1 — Vodafone Netguys, Vodafone Germany, November 2011. (Robert Lindström)
n°2 — The 5 Experience, Tribal DDB South Africa, May 2011. (Jakob Nylund)
n°3 — Daybreak, AT&T / BBDO, May 2012. (Jakob Nylund)
n°4 — Google ROME & 3 Dreams of Black, Google Creatve Lab, June 2011. (Robert Lindström)
n°5 — Build with Chrome, Google / Mark, June 2012. (Robert Lindström)
n°6 — ONLY - The Liberation, ONLY / UncleGrey Copenhagen, April 2012. (Jakob Nylund)
n°7 — Vodafone BufferBusters, Vodafone Germany, September 2011. (Jakob Nylund)
n°8 — Daybreak, Jack Boxers, AT&T / BBDO, May 2012. (Robert Lindström)
n°9 — Weetakid, BBH London, September 2011. (Robert Lindström)

In brackets I have mentioned who was Art Director from North Kingdom.

Please visit North Kingdom to find more information and links.

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Making of “Build with Chrome”


North Kingdom project — This spring I was involved in a really fun project for a Google Maps and LEGO® as a Art/Design director with focus on the build section. The whole concept is about you building LEGO creations on a map of Australia (LEGO turns 50 years in Australia this year), where you claim your own spot on the map. It´s called “Build with Chrome”. I have always been a huge LEGO fan so it was a great project to be involved in! The result was pretty OK, specially the "builder" that rocks big time with an amazing programming solution, but the limitations of how we could use/hack the Google map pulled down the result a little, I think.

Direct link — Build with Chrome
More information — North Kingdom


A rough mock up by Alfredo Aponte, our User Experience Designer. He was the guy solving the seemingly impossible.


LEGO Digital Designer is a program you can download for free to build complex LEGO models. A program that became a close reference about what we was going to build. However, this program was in our eyes to complicated and to hard to use, so our focus was to make our "builder" much more easy and playful to use.


Klas Kroon, our programmer and the brain behind the builder, made lot of different prototypes and developments. These prototypes helped us to early see what we could do and not. The client described his work as 'like Christmas morning waking up to see what North Kingdom had delivered next'.

"Having recently worked with particles, my mindset was set to that.. So my initial idea was to treat the LEGO bricks as particles or several particles makes up a brick, etc.. The idea is to use a sprite/particle of the smallest brick and so on. 1 vertex = 1 sprite. So this is not “real” 3d, but more isometric/ortographic, no perpective. Here´s the first test, so you can see what I mean:


One of the early ideas was to have some sort of terrain variation, here´s a test of that:
(Mousedown and drag left/right to rotate, arrowkeys to pan)

Isometric 5 (flipped)

... So I tried with the more classical approach, that is more on par with the LEGO Digitial Designer, which is really nice, but it’s more advanced and more “cad” than what we were aiming for here.
Builder 2

One that tested autosaving with local storage.
Builder 4

Klas Kroon, North Kingdom

Read more about his explorations around this project at OutsideOfSociety — Build with Chrome


Above are my first mock ups on the same screen. We all wanted a very simple solution regarding "the builder", therefor I thought a clean open design would match that idea when we also had Google to think about. Some big juicy LEGO bricks would make it more playful and interesting, we still want it to feel LEGO right?


Final interface design by Jonas Eriksson.


We also did a LEGO version on the Google mnemonic; a 3 seconds 3D animation. Conceptually; very simply idea with a Google logotype explode into LEGO bricks that would go around its core, but it was for sure little tricky to get correct. Above you see my rough direction of how I saw it would work.


Mathias Lindgren, our 3D artist, put it alive in 3D Studio Max.

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Making of “The Jack Boxer” (Daybreak)


NORTH KINGDOM PROJECT — "Daybreak 2012, a transmedia webseries by Tim Kring (Heroes, Conspiracy for Good), launched on May 31st with the release of the first of 5 weekly chapters of the webseries on Daybreak2012.com. Along with the Daybreak 2012 website, the Jack Boxers app was also released for both the iPhone and Android smartphones, along with an accompanying website, We Are The Jack Boxers. The purpose of both the app and the website is to enlist help for the cause of the Jack Boxers, who are fighting the forces of darkness and bringing the Truth to light."Wired Magazine

The “Jack Boxer” app is in the story built by an underground organization with the same name. The app is mainly a way for them to communicate securely using text, image and audio messaging. The "Jack Boxer" is found in Daybreak, which is a web TV series deeply integrated with an immersive digital layer. It's a continuation of a sidetrack from the tv serie "Touch" with Kiefer Sutherland.

"The Daybreak main story unfolds in five, roughly ten minutes long episodes shown on daybreak2012.com and fox.com. But the story doesn’t end there, rather the opposite. On websites and via the smartphone app, the viewers can explore different fragments of an exciting and complex journey. The Jack Boxer application lets the audience be a part of the main character hunt to succeed with his mysterious mission. The app together with jackboxers.com lets fans dig deeper into the Daybreak experience. Much deeper." — Monterosa

The project was a close collaboration with Monterosa Stockholm who impressed me a lot with their expertize and focus on details! They did an amazing job! A true creative technology master piece!


Download — Jack Boxer app (iPhone)
Download — Jack Boxer app (Android)
Watch episodes — Daybreak

Read more about the project & making of — North Kingdom (coming soon)
Read more about the concept — Wired Magazine
Watch "Touch" — FOX Broadcast



I have personally been hooked by iPhone apps since I bought my first from US 2007. Today, 5 years later, I have finally designed my first app. And yes, it was so fun I always had imagine! The app was described by someone as a "James Bond app for geeks", which is pretty true. I have I rendered the images you see here in Cinema 4D with screenshots from the app.

The only brief I had designing Jack Boxer, was to make old school user interface with a fresh tweak. We wanted a look and feel of a site/app run by a major Unix hacker. This old retro style was perfect when the production time was pretty tight. The challenge was still to make an unique style.

THE DASHBOARD (above) contains a real time 3D globe surrounded by a glass dodecahedron. Underneath it we have a graphic frequency EQ in two layers. One measuring microphone input and the other connected to the pentagon hair cross that sits on top of the globe. Built in pure OpenGL on iPhone and Unity3D on Android.


Two websites, one story. Jack Boxers (the game) & Daybreak (the story). The app is also found in the Daybreak episodes by BBDO and Tim Kring, which is an immersive and interactive entertainment experience presented by AT&T.

Images below are taken from these episodes:


One of eight sections is the RECORDING and SOUND EDITING TOOL. The sound editor let users change the playback direction and playback rate. This way they can find hidden messages within audio clips that’s almost impossible to hear otherwise.


The FREQUENCY ANALYZER is another tool built to find messages, this time hidden in series of frequencies. The Jack Boxers have mapped a number of characters to tones/frequencies enabling messaging via sounds that can be found anywhere. The scanning for frequencies are represented by a dynamic point cloud.


My workfile where I have collected all my design in an "Art Direction Overview Map". For me, this was the only way to get a picture of what I was doing. To see how everything worked against each other. The time I had for this was super short, so it helped a lot the design was pretty simple. The feeling had to be an old computer system combined with a new, hi-tech technology. Most of this stuff was created during one hectic week.


A snapshot from my iPhone at Monterosa. On my left side is Carl Rung, Creative Director at Monterosa, going throu the latest updates via an Apple TV. Danilo Boer, Art Director from BBDO New York, and Marcus Ivarsson, Creative Director at North Kingdom are sitting on the other side table.


From the shape of the dodecahedron I created some clean and simple digits and logotypes.


The system icons. I wanted them as simple and clean as possible, but still interesting.


I also designed a very simple blog for Jack Boxes, based on a tumblr theme.


Before entering the Jackboxers blog, I have animated a boot up sequence of their computer system. A very short and very simple animation made in Flash, but still very fun to do. And with some cool sound effect it turned out quite cool I think.

You can see the animation on my dev link as well.



Download — Jack Boxer app (iPhone)
Download — Jack Boxer app (Android)

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Woodbot Pilots — round 3


North Kingdom & The Woodbot Pilots — Almost a year after receiving the first wooden prototypes, the last round of feedback has been sent to our friends in Hong Kong. Yes it has been a long process but the timing hasn’t been an issue when it’s a pure side project. These last guys arrived last month and look pretty cool, but it will be a fourth, a final round this summer when I still have some issues with the design. When we need a financier, like Kickstarter.com, for the production we need these characters as perfect as possible. When we are done, they will be sold three and three in a limited edition of 500.

In the last round we will fix details like head logotypes, horns placements, the finishing and a redesign of the box.


Detail study; logotype cut in wood and the hands with flexible fingers.


The photos are taken just outside my apartment at the Observatorium.

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We won 6 Cannes Lions!!


We won incredible 6 Cyber Cannes Lions last week for our work with Google and ONLY! An all-time-high for us at North Kingdom, now with a totally amount of 18 Lions! I wasn't there personally this year, but it must been totally amazing! Last year when I actually was there we only had one nomination, which felt like going to a party uninvited.


Google ROME got 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze, while ONLY Liberation project won 1 Gold and 2 Silvers. Super big thanks to all great partners for making this happen!!

ROME has btw won a lot lately (read more here) and ONLY was recently FWA Site of the month!

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The End in Cancun, Mexico


Last weekend I was invited to speak in Cancun, Mexico at a design conference called “The End” along with guys like Hydro74, 123Klan and Adhemas Batista. The event lasted for two days where I got the chance to meet some amazing designers and illustrators. The whole week was amazing, everything from arrangement to the sunny weather! The world is as usual very small. My speech was sponsored by Illogical Questions who bought a framework from me 6-7 years ago.

Photo cred: Stage photos by Mauricio Hialdeg Mastache Orivio and Raúl Terán.


The amazing Adhemas Batista was talking about "Selling Colors".


Except talking about our recipe with stuff like "find and follow the butterflies in your stomach" and "being one big brain" my speech was based on seven North Kingdom projects from the last five years, where I from an Art Directors point of view presented some behind the scene stuff.

I also talked a little bit about my background as Art Director and what I did for 10-15 years ago; when I didn't had any interactive education, it was ideal to start working in a branch that both was immature and new. It was all about learning by exploring, and it still is. Above is a slide from my keynote, showing two sites that meant a lot for North Kingdoms beginning; Designchapel, which is my personal site from 2002 with over 1m visitors the first year, and Vodafone Future, from 2003, that become the world´s most awarded site 2004.

The projects I talked about was these:

Get The Glass — Read more
Adidas Teamgeist — Read more
GIL Time Square installation — Read more
Woodbot — Read more
Netguys — Read more
ROME — Read more

The only project I hadn’t been involved in was just our ONLY "The Liberation" project where Jakob Nylund was the Art Director. I wanted to talk about this project cause I loved how he had worked with the film structure, the design and the logotypes. Really great stuff!

ONLY "The Liberation" — Read more

— Some tourist photos


Ulrika and my amazing view from Hotel Riu Cancun balcony.


Day two, a couple of hours before my speech. On stage; Golpeavisa, the digital design who created this amazing event. The event was placed in a local club with around 300 in the audience.


Adhemas Batista and Joshua M. Smith (Hydro74) from Maya ruin visit, the day after the event. It was amazing to be there 2012. Will this be "The End" for real? The guide didn't mention it so I guess not...


— iPhone photos (color correction by the Camera+ app)


Thank you so much Golpeavisa! We had a great time in Mexico! :)

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London and D&AD, 2012


Some iPhone snapshots from last month when I spent three days in London with the Digital Design jury of D&AD. I learned a lot as usually but personally I think the overall quality was very low this year. I missed lot of good projects from the last year in every single category. To be honest, looking at Digital Design, I didn't see so much beautiful handcraft at all.


We also had time to check out all the other categories which was very inspiring.


The work was done in the amazing Olympia Grand Hall, London. Check out the behind the scene here.

I was also part of the Guldäggets jury this spring. Read more here.

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The Award season has started


Our Google ROME & "3 Dreams of Black" project has got some great awards lately;

A — 1 Golden Egg in Stockholm
B — 2 Golden Pencils from The One Show
C — 1 Yellow Pencil at D&AD in London.

Earlier this year the same project was awarded by our 3rd People's Choice Award, FWA. Thanks all amazing partners!

Read more — North Kingdom

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Published by British Sport Magazine


"So what are you waiting for, Roman Abramovich? Quit wasting your money on washed-up strikers, firing managers and ropey haircuts, and invest in this instead."

A nice quote from the British Sport Magazine this month.

"Here it is: the table tennis table of tomorrow. A multitouch surface that records where a ping pong ball has landed, a ‘net’ with embedded sensors to show info on whether a ball has touched it, automatic scorekeeping and even an emotionless auto-ref that adjudicates the game for you (and also possibly harbours secret, Hal-type plans to kill you stone dead, Dave)."

Read more — The article.

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The Making of “Vodafone Netguys”


The game was going to be based on the Netguys TVC, filmed in London 2011, for the German market. The story follows four guys that helps you out, everywhere. Four guys that corresponded to the four network bars found on Vodafone mobile phones.

— The question for us was; what should we do? And how? The time was very limited.


The client asked for a simple and engaging web-based game and we wanted to push the boundaries for that by looking at a 3D solution so we got our inspiration from games like “Canabalt” and “Mirror’s Edge” for iPhones. The image above represent the first day work on the visual, trying to figure out what we will actually will see. We know the game would be in 3D, but we had to get our ideas down on paper.

— Graphic profile

netguys-logotype_conceptRead more

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Vodafone NetGuys


North Kingdom project — An online 3d game utilizing the hardware acceleration introduced in Adobe Flash 11.

The ATL developed by Jung von Matt focus on visualizing the possibilities and power of the Vodafone network through four main characters – The Netguys. These Netguys can be seen in TVC, Print, Out of Home and also in an interactive experience. In the interactive channel Vodafone wanted to give their customer a fun, casual and engaging game experience centered around the Netguys characters in the browser.

In the interactive channel Vodafone wanted to give their customer a fun, casual and engaging game experience centered around the Netguys characters in the browser. The decision was made to evaluate the all new Adobe Flash 11 platform that allows for creating rich dynamic 3D content in a browser.

Our idea to communicate was that Vodafone customers have access to the Network of Tomorrow (im Netz von Morgen) but it is really up to them to make use of all the possibilities with Vodafone as a mobile provider.

More information — North Kingdom.
Play Netguys — English version


For a couple of month ago I worked on this project as Art Director and designer. Netguys was a big challenge for us when we where working with the new 3d engine in Flash 11 with a very small team and a very tight time limit. However, this kind of projects can be really fun to do!

What is really cool in this project is that the 3D blocks in the city appears randomly so you never know what's coming up, you never know how the city will look like. More about this later at our Behind the Scene section.


These 3d images have I done in Cinema 4D, just to make the screenshots from the game little more interesting. I bought the display model at TurboSquid.


A poster I did most for fun, but later on become the splash page you can see below.
Read more

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Juror of D&AD and Guldägget 2012


This winter/spring I have the honor to be part of two juries; D&AD in London and for the Swedish Guldägget here in Stockholm (The Goldegg). Today was actually the first day with Guldäggs jury. The next three days we will judge the mobile. at Stockholm Waterfront.

It takes pretty much time to be a part of a jury but it is also a very good chance to take a deeper look into what's happens in the branch and to network with talented people from other agencies. The setup usually looks the same; first a prejudging period from home where you are going through the big mass and remove 60 - 70 % of the cases, and then 3-4 days together with the rest of the jury where you are discussing and judging the top level. It use to be very interesting and instructive days with lot of discussions.

I have actually participated in some juries before, which always have been very inspiring; One Show (2009), D&AD (2008), Art Directors Club New York (2007) and Creative Circle Denmark (2002). Guldägget is my favorite so far with the most professional arrangement.

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Product concept — Next generation table tennis table

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

“Waldner” – the next generation ping pong table, is made with an advanced computer system integration. The table has a multi-touch surface, which responds to human touch and real world objects, like ping-pong balls. The table is also equipped with Siri voice recognition that monitors the game along with a Mac Pro 12-core computer. That means the table is very intelligent; it sees, feels and hears the game. You can even discuss a ball with it to improve your ping pong skills or argue about a point.

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel
STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

Under the surface we find two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5620 “Westmere” processors and an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphic cards, a Wi-Fi connection and 12 Bose micro speakers.

The table is 2.74 m long, 1.52 m wide, 76 cm high and 5 cm thick. The surface, which is a huge screen, is made of soft acrylic that gives the correct smooth, low-friction coating. The screen is supported Apple's new HiDPI, which gives a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixel.

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel
STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

The "net" is a touch-sensitive screen from Samsung. With embedded touch sensors it shows information from balls taken in net.

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel
STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

After and during the game, all kind of statistics can be found on the table. Players can for example compare the balls hit areas (where each hit have been visualized by a circle and contains information like speed and trajectory. All data is stored and can be visualized as real time 3D on devices as iPad and iPhones

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

The tables’ interface activates with a simple two-finger scroll. During game the scores are showed on the surface and changes automatically via a collaboration of the tables sensors, Siri and the players voice. Yes, you can even argue with Siri about a ball and if you not are coming along with the referee; change the score with a swipe.


I wanted to have clean, thin and straight digits that come along with the rest of the design. Therefore I made these digits in Illustrator. If you like them and you need some digits, feel free to use them.

Digits Waldner DC — Download Illustration file (.zip)

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel


Background informationI have always been interested of product design and new technology, and specially the combination of these two. It’s very inspiring to think about what today’s ever-accelerating technology will impact on simple products we have today, as a ping pong table.

I made this concept because I'm love design. I want to get into product design and because I'm learning Cinema 4D. I'm learning it because I think it's difficult without any 3D knowledge at all for a digital art & design director today plus it is really fun! To have something interesting to create is a great way to learn a program. Therefore, “Waldner” have been a perfect project for me; a table tennis table with new intelligent (and hopefully upcoming) technology. Of course, this table will be to expensive to put in production today, but I think we will soon will start to see these kind of products.

About the images so have I played around with the new depth of field in C4D R13 and its new Physical render. The model is very basic but it still gave me lot of training, specially regarding light, textures and cameras. Most of the stuff did I pick up at Greyscalegorilla.

Why STIGA and Waldner? Well, STIGA is a Swedish brand first of all, and when I grew up we always had a STIGA in our basement. And it has a pretty cool retro logotype that made a nice contrast to the very modern table. Jan-Ove Waldner is known as “the Mozart of table tennis” and is a legend in his native Sweden as well as in China. He is one of our biggest sport profiles and he has always been sponsored by STIGA.

Thanks Kalle Gadd for brainstorming! If anyone is interesting in the concept and design, don’t hesitate to contact me. Who knows, maybe we will see this one in real life one day?

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We won our 3rd FWA People’s Choice Award

For a couple of weeks ago North Kingdom, and myself, won FWA People’s Choice Award – one of the finest acknowledgements in the interactive industry. Earlier PCA; Get the Glass and Vodafone Future (these two sites did also won FWA Site Of The Year).

1 Year Long Global Competition
365 Site Of The Day Winners
12 Site Of The Month Finalists
1 International Public Vote
1 People’s Choice Award Winner

"Part of the goal was to move and inspire the creative community. Therefor it feels extra good to receive the FWA PCA 2011.

A big thanks to everyone involved making this happen: Chris, Aaron, Doob, Sandra, Thomas for giving us the opportunity. Special thanks to Branislav, Eskil, Bartek, Micke, Klaus and the rest of the guys involved pushing the limits. Full credits here – each and everyone on that list deserve a shout out for being so dedicated."

Read more about the project here (North Kingdom) and about my stuff in the project here on the blog.

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Weetakid, an intergalactic mobile gameplay for kids

iphone-weetakid-app design north kingdom yum yum

NORTH KINGDOM PROJECT — Weetakid, an intergalactic mobile gameplay for kids, is a concept made by BBH London for Weetabix, which is a popular whole grain wheat breakfast cereal in England. The assignment for North Kingdom was to create a mobile game with an AR solutution connected to the cereal package.

I myself wasn't so much involved as I use to be in this kind of projects when BBH London was in charge of the overall feeling, Yum Yum (London) made the characters and 3d, and Zoink Games (Gothenburg) took care of the games, including game bible.

My role was pretty much to take care of the first look and feel, concept designs, covers and some interface design/ mock ups. The final production was so so in my eyes… but it has some cool visuals so I thought it could be fun to keep it here on the blog for the future. The image above, with the three iPhones, have I done in Cinema 4D.
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Another design for FWA — Mobile Of The Day


This week I finished another design for Rob Ford and FWA when they needed a Mobile Of The Day (MOTD) award certificate. I was lucky and could change the award original color code when its blue was a little bit crazy (and we already had two blue ones). This green matches the other awards pretty nice I think.

Here can you see the other versions and on the FWA gallery site you can see how they are used around the globe.
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Black Leakage wallpapers


Feel free to download some minimalistic wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad and Desktop (2560x1440, 1920x1200 and 1440x900).

Download — Black Leakage Wallpaper Kit

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Black Leakage has opened


Last night I finally launched my small side-project Black Leakage; an online shop with vinyl wall art. I'm working with a nice small printhouse from my hometown Skellefteå called Vision Reklam with 15 years of experience who handle the printing, packaging and shipping.

Black Leakage concept — Unique wall art made by matte beautiful vinyl. All motives are named after oil tankers that where destroyed during World War II – as a small reminder that out of something bad, something good can come. 10% of the profit goes to Greenpeace Sweden to save our oceans from oil.

Check it out hereBlackleakage.com

Btw, if you wanna buy a Black Leakage you can use the code "designchapel" and you get 15% discount just because you are nice.



USS Neosho placed at my apartment in Stockholm. I have the Medium; 162 cm wide.


The logotype is based on my Designchapel symbol.

Black leakage paper tub design


Each motive has a story which is placed on the paper tubes used for shipping.

black leakage vinyl

In the package you will also find two small Black Leakage. Here is one of them placed on the entrance door at North Kingdom's Stockholm office.

A small instruction movie showing how to install Black Leakage.

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Woodbot pilots — One step forward, two backwards


North Kingdom, Woodbot Pilots — We received the second round of prototypes a couple of weeks ago. One step forward, two backwards. I really like the way they solved the logotypes, which here are carved into the wood, but there are pretty many parts that not are solved yet and I start to wonder if they really can make it as we want it or if we need to made the design simpler or use another material. It is pretty interesting to work with China factories when you don't know what you get. Our blue print had for example one black cable on the left arm, now we have two red ones, which is fine; most important is to see what can be done and not. But I am very concerned that they do not follow the feedback at all and they mix up the parts. Our big dude have here the small characters arms...


We have tried a new way to make the eyes which looks pretty cool. The faces (the screens) are one part we have not been able to see how it can be made. Unfortunately.


Three prototypes of pretty much the same body. As you can see, you need to be open minded of what you get. The shapes have become more rounder in the last model which is perfect. The color should be more like the one in the middle but it was great to see how a lighter version would look like. The horns have get a pretty strange shape thou...


The middle stripes is missing which is a shame when I think they do pretty much to the overall feeling. Hopefully we will have it on place on the last, third round of prototypes later this month.

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Volvo Cross Country Travels


This spring we at North Kingdom did a small web project including both an iPhone app and five movies with Forsman & Bodenfors for Volvo. We created an online guide with the 25 most spectacular winter adventures in Scandinavia, a project called Volvo Cross Country Travels. With the app you can receive special designed badges from each location. Forsman & Bodenfors made the concept idea, my role was Interactive Art Director.


To mock up the first design (B) I received some rough sketches (A) from Forsman & Bodenfors, who wanted a clean magazine so it could run on an iPad. Therefor we chose HTML5 as a platform.


Some screenshoots of the final result (small changes have been done since launch).


We created some cool badges for each location which you could get digital if you checked in at chosen location. Our idea was also make them physical so people could receive them by post so people could put it on their cars. Illustrations by Anton Eriksson, directed by Jakob Nylund.

We also sent two guys for 3 weeks of filming. Jakob Nylund and Riccardo Tagliabue made five beautiful spots (above). I sold in the idea and really wanted to go with them, but the time issue made me to stay at the base.

You can read more about the filming here — North Kingdom is filming for Volvo XC Travels

The total result turned out so so I think except for the badges and the videos that had higher level. Some annoying tech problems with external partner cut down almost all love. Instead of doing the whole thing with HTML5 we ended up with a hybrid solution (Flash) the last two weeks of the project.


However, it was great to work with my old friend Staffan Lamm at Forsman & Bodenfors again. They are doing such excellent work these guys! Mathias Lindgren (North Kingdom 3D) and I was working inhouse at their Gothenburg office the last week. On the picture you can see Mathias at their total orange place, 8.45 PM, Friday night. We where the last one leaving. (Photo taken by iPhone)

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Some last vinyl tests

blackleakage_uss_neosho vinyl print wallart
blackleakage_uss_neosho vinyl print wallart
blackleakage_uss_neosho vinyl print wallart

I have now found the perfect vinyl and technique for the Black Leakage project. Here are some photos from my own apartment on the final product. I will hopefully have the shop with five different motives up and running before the end of the week when I only have some instructions and documentation left to do.

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Woodbot — logotypes & stripes


Logotype design and positioning.


The idea is to keep the original color of the wood where the logotypes and the stripes are. The rest of the body will be made darker. To make it clear for the factory in Hong Kong I have made this mock up in Photoshop.

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First prototypes in wood, part II


Finally we have got our first prototypes from Hong Kong delivered. They haven't been corrected from my last post except the wood have been stained. On the next version we will see how we to make the stripes and logotypes (the idea is to keep these areas without coloring so they stay in original light wood, instead of stickers), all details fixed from earlier feedback, head separated from body and the varnish wood.


We haven't spent so much time on the packaging yet but they actually made some first rough boxes for us for free in this delivery, without asking. That is what I call service! The idea is also to place the woodbot inside a small designed bag, placed inside a wooden box. The color will be the same as the woodbot I think.


The eyes looks pretty funny when they just have done some big fat white dots. Here can you see the hand issue as well. They have done the hands functionality really nice when you actually can bend the fingers, but it looks little to chunky. The photos are taken on the pier outside my apartment by the way... just after the sunset.


Details from behind. I like the back of the big one best; a solid color, without any differences in tones. It gives the woodbot a luxury feeling. The reference have been Kay Bojesen's wooden toy monkey.


Woodbot Pilots — North Kingdom's wooden toy robots. Prototype No.2.

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Black Leakage — proof of concept

Black Leagage - world war II - wall art stickers vinyl

For a couple of days ago we put up our first Black Leakage wall sticker and it was much easier then I thought. This first one is placed in my sisters apartment who lives pretty close to me in Stockholm.

The shop will go live within two weeks at BlackLeakage.com.

Black Leagage - world war II - wall art stickers vinyl
Black Leagage - world war II - wall art stickers vinyl

This sticker has the medium size; 115 cm high. The idea is also to have them in different colors.


Some shoots I took the night before with my iPhone camera.


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