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Ten years ago I founded a small design & communication agency in the north of Sweden with one of my best friends; Roger Stighäll. We took the name North Kingdom, and the basic idea from the beginning was to become an international, well known, interactive design agency.

Our intention was to keep the agency quite small, working with the great network of digital folks we found in our hometown. Skellefteå is a very small town, but very very talented. However, during the years, more and more clients have approached us resulting in new employments. Today we are around 50 people, located in Skellefteå, Stockholm and after the Summer also in Los Angeles. It has of course been up and downs during the years. Inspiration has come and gone, but it has never been hard to see the potential in North Kingdom, so finding motivation has never been hard. Specially now, after five years in Stockholm; I have never worked with such talented people as I do today. The near future will be very interesting!

Looking back, we have succeeded with our goal. We are not satisfied, we can become so much better in each part of our machinery, but we are definitely on the right track!

Thanks everyone that has contributed in one way or the other to make this such a fantastic journey! A party will take place in August!


Download — Desktop wallpaper 1920x1200


Download — iPhone wallpaper 640 x 960

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North Kingdom at I/O 2013, San Francisco

google io 2013 hobbit north kingdom
google io 2013 hobbit north kingdom

Yesterday we at North Kingdom had a work-in-progress demo on stage at Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco. The project is something I have been working on lately; Hobbit, A Journey Through Middle-earth. Made together with Google and Warner Bros.

Wired (live chat) —
"Next we see a Hobbit game running on the Nexus, lots of rich features, made possible by WbGL. A Rivendell game lets you dive in and explore the world, using touch, on the Web. It's fast, rich and very impressive, honestly."

Daniel Isaksson, Tech Director North Kingdom —
"People can't wait to see more when we launch later this year and are amazed that it is all happening from within the Chrome browser on the Pixel and Nexus Devices."

More to come...

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North Kingdom projects

north kingdom adidas netflix disney neo

Another image I did for our North Kingdom site, showing some new projects from us.

n°1 – adidas archive, adidas, Feb 2013. More info
n°2 – Disney New Fantasyland, Walt Disney Park & Resorts Online, Dec 2012. More info
n°3 – adidas NEO Lookbook, adidas, Feb 2013. More info
n°4 – Netflix The Flixies, Netflix, Feb 2013. More info
n°5 – Paranorman Stop Motion Zombie Lab, Wieden+Kennedy, Aug 2012. More info

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North Kingdom Awards

awards clio one show webbys d&ad north kingdom designchapel" title="awards-spring-2013

We at North Kingdom are really happy to announce that we received some very fine international recognition this winter and spring. A great start to the award season and huge congrats to the teams and clients involved. We are always really proud when hard teamwork is recognized.


Build With Chrome
— Gold (Websites, Services)
— Silver (Integrated Branding Campaign)

— Gold (Websites, Consumer Goods)


Build With Chrome
— Public Choice for Best Online Campaign
— Nominee (Best Use of Online Media)
— Nominee (Best Visual Design)

Only The Liberation
— Nominee (Best Use of Video or Moving Image)

Finding Fantasyland
— Honoree (Travel)


Only The Liberation
— Gold (Sound Design)
— Bronze (Graphic Design)

Build With Chrome
— Silver (Microsite)
— Bronze (User Experience)

— Silver, Integrated Campaign


— Silver

Finding Fantasyland
— Bronze

— Bronze

D&AD —

Build With Chrome
— 1 nominee

Only The Liberation
— 3 nominees


Only The Liberation
— Best Interactive Film 2012

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Today we won our 50th FWA award!


Today we are super happy and extremely proud! We won our 50th FWA Award since our first SOTD in October 2003! More to come!

Read more — FWA Top 100 Most Awarded

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We won 6 Cannes Lions!!


We won incredible 6 Cyber Cannes Lions last week for our work with Google and ONLY! An all-time-high for us at North Kingdom, now with a totally amount of 18 Lions! I wasn't there personally this year, but it must been totally amazing! Last year when I actually was there we only had one nomination, which felt like going to a party uninvited.


Google ROME got 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze, while ONLY Liberation project won 1 Gold and 2 Silvers. Super big thanks to all great partners for making this happen!!

ROME has btw won a lot lately (read more here) and ONLY was recently FWA Site of the month!

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The End in Cancun, Mexico


Last weekend I was invited to speak in Cancun, Mexico at a design conference called “The End” along with guys like Hydro74, 123Klan and Adhemas Batista. The event lasted for two days where I got the chance to meet some amazing designers and illustrators. The whole week was amazing, everything from arrangement to the sunny weather! The world is as usual very small. My speech was sponsored by Illogical Questions who bought a framework from me 6-7 years ago.

Photo cred: Stage photos by Mauricio Hialdeg Mastache Orivio and Raúl Terán.


The amazing Adhemas Batista was talking about "Selling Colors".


Except talking about our recipe with stuff like "find and follow the butterflies in your stomach" and "being one big brain" my speech was based on seven North Kingdom projects from the last five years, where I from an Art Directors point of view presented some behind the scene stuff.

I also talked a little bit about my background as Art Director and what I did for 10-15 years ago; when I didn't had any interactive education, it was ideal to start working in a branch that both was immature and new. It was all about learning by exploring, and it still is. Above is a slide from my keynote, showing two sites that meant a lot for North Kingdoms beginning; Designchapel, which is my personal site from 2002 with over 1m visitors the first year, and Vodafone Future, from 2003, that become the world´s most awarded site 2004.

The projects I talked about was these:

Get The Glass — Read more
Adidas Teamgeist — Read more
GIL Time Square installation — Read more
Woodbot — Read more
Netguys — Read more
ROME — Read more

The only project I hadn’t been involved in was just our ONLY "The Liberation" project where Jakob Nylund was the Art Director. I wanted to talk about this project cause I loved how he had worked with the film structure, the design and the logotypes. Really great stuff!

ONLY "The Liberation" — Read more

— Some tourist photos


Ulrika and my amazing view from Hotel Riu Cancun balcony.


Day two, a couple of hours before my speech. On stage; Golpeavisa, the digital design who created this amazing event. The event was placed in a local club with around 300 in the audience.


Adhemas Batista and Joshua M. Smith (Hydro74) from Maya ruin visit, the day after the event. It was amazing to be there 2012. Will this be "The End" for real? The guide didn't mention it so I guess not...


— iPhone photos (color correction by the Camera+ app)


Thank you so much Golpeavisa! We had a great time in Mexico! :)

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London and D&AD, 2012


Some iPhone snapshots from last month when I spent three days in London with the Digital Design jury of D&AD. I learned a lot as usually but personally I think the overall quality was very low this year. I missed lot of good projects from the last year in every single category. To be honest, looking at Digital Design, I didn't see so much beautiful handcraft at all.


We also had time to check out all the other categories which was very inspiring.


The work was done in the amazing Olympia Grand Hall, London. Check out the behind the scene here.

I was also part of the Guldäggets jury this spring. Read more here.

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The Award season has started


Our Google ROME & "3 Dreams of Black" project has got some great awards lately;

A — 1 Golden Egg in Stockholm
B — 2 Golden Pencils from The One Show
C — 1 Yellow Pencil at D&AD in London.

Earlier this year the same project was awarded by our 3rd People's Choice Award, FWA. Thanks all amazing partners!

Read more — North Kingdom

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Published by British Sport Magazine


"So what are you waiting for, Roman Abramovich? Quit wasting your money on washed-up strikers, firing managers and ropey haircuts, and invest in this instead."

A nice quote from the British Sport Magazine this month.

"Here it is: the table tennis table of tomorrow. A multitouch surface that records where a ping pong ball has landed, a ‘net’ with embedded sensors to show info on whether a ball has touched it, automatic scorekeeping and even an emotionless auto-ref that adjudicates the game for you (and also possibly harbours secret, Hal-type plans to kill you stone dead, Dave)."

Read more — The article.

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Juror of D&AD and Guldägget 2012


This winter/spring I have the honor to be part of two juries; D&AD in London and for the Swedish Guldägget here in Stockholm (The Goldegg). Today was actually the first day with Guldäggs jury. The next three days we will judge the mobile. at Stockholm Waterfront.

It takes pretty much time to be a part of a jury but it is also a very good chance to take a deeper look into what's happens in the branch and to network with talented people from other agencies. The setup usually looks the same; first a prejudging period from home where you are going through the big mass and remove 60 - 70 % of the cases, and then 3-4 days together with the rest of the jury where you are discussing and judging the top level. It use to be very interesting and instructive days with lot of discussions.

I have actually participated in some juries before, which always have been very inspiring; One Show (2009), D&AD (2008), Art Directors Club New York (2007) and Creative Circle Denmark (2002). Guldägget is my favorite so far with the most professional arrangement.

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We won our 3rd FWA People’s Choice Award

For a couple of weeks ago North Kingdom, and myself, won FWA People’s Choice Award – one of the finest acknowledgements in the interactive industry. Earlier PCA; Get the Glass and Vodafone Future (these two sites did also won FWA Site Of The Year).

1 Year Long Global Competition
365 Site Of The Day Winners
12 Site Of The Month Finalists
1 International Public Vote
1 People’s Choice Award Winner

"Part of the goal was to move and inspire the creative community. Therefor it feels extra good to receive the FWA PCA 2011.

A big thanks to everyone involved making this happen: Chris, Aaron, Doob, Sandra, Thomas for giving us the opportunity. Special thanks to Branislav, Eskil, Bartek, Micke, Klaus and the rest of the guys involved pushing the limits. Full credits here – each and everyone on that list deserve a shout out for being so dedicated."

Read more about the project here (North Kingdom) and about my stuff in the project here on the blog.

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Black Leakage has opened


Last night I finally launched my small side-project Black Leakage; an online shop with vinyl wall art. I'm working with a nice small printhouse from my hometown Skellefteå called Vision Reklam with 15 years of experience who handle the printing, packaging and shipping.

Black Leakage concept — Unique wall art made by matte beautiful vinyl. All motives are named after oil tankers that where destroyed during World War II – as a small reminder that out of something bad, something good can come. 10% of the profit goes to Greenpeace Sweden to save our oceans from oil.

Check it out hereBlackleakage.com

Btw, if you wanna buy a Black Leakage you can use the code "designchapel" and you get 15% discount just because you are nice.



USS Neosho placed at my apartment in Stockholm. I have the Medium; 162 cm wide.


The logotype is based on my Designchapel symbol.

Black leakage paper tub design


Each motive has a story which is placed on the paper tubes used for shipping.

black leakage vinyl

In the package you will also find two small Black Leakage. Here is one of them placed on the entrance door at North Kingdom's Stockholm office.

A small instruction movie showing how to install Black Leakage.

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Black Leakage — proof of concept

Black Leagage - world war II - wall art stickers vinyl

For a couple of days ago we put up our first Black Leakage wall sticker and it was much easier then I thought. This first one is placed in my sisters apartment who lives pretty close to me in Stockholm.

The shop will go live within two weeks at BlackLeakage.com.

Black Leagage - world war II - wall art stickers vinyl
Black Leagage - world war II - wall art stickers vinyl

This sticker has the medium size; 115 cm high. The idea is also to have them in different colors.


Some shoots I took the night before with my iPhone camera.

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Speaking at D&AD President’s Lecture

d&ad north kingdom president lecture
dandad d&ad president lecture north kingdom
dandad d&ad president lecture north kingdom

Last month Marcus Ivarsson and I got the honor to be invited to London by the D&AD President Sanky. He asked us to speak at one of their D&AD President’s Lecture, which is an event they hold six times a year. Earlier speakers have been Neville Brody, Shane Walter and Kyle Cooper for example and it's just one speaker at each event. The arrangement was very professional done, so we had a great time both on stage, with the great audience (over 700 people!!), and at the dinner and the clubs afterwards. Thank you so much Sanky btw, for the nice opening words you gave me! I will remember them :)

On stage we talked about North Kingdom and how we are are making our projects. We talked about "finding and follow your butterflies" and how to "be one big brain". This is how we were presented on D&AD's website;

"D&AD Black Pencil-winning North Kingdom is a world leading digital creative agency. Their spiritual home is Skellefteå, a small town next to the polar circle in Sweden. Depending on the season, the team enjoys 23 hours of sunshine or darkness a day."

It was also great to see the following week how people from the audience wrote review articles about our presentation;

Review — Higher Ground Creative (Picture)
Review — Young Creative Council
Review — Tom Cornfoot

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North Kingdom —


We are always looking for new talents to North Kingdom, where I'm trying to keep an eye on designers and art directors. The best mix is of course to have both seniors with international background and juniors from the schools (where we for the moment work very close with both Hyper Island and Berghs here in Stockholm). However, to be honest it doesn't matter what school you have studied at, it's your portfolio we are interested at. So if you want to live in one of the best cities in the world; Stockholm and you have a great showcase, then you should definitely send us and email.

Apply herejobs@northkingdom.com

Be sure you are proud of your work and that you have all details on place, otherwise I'm not sure we have time to get back to you.

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Sweden is minimalistic

idn sweden is minimalistic

"Overloaded design can be both boring and distracting, while minimalism’s ability to cut to the chase gives it a decided commercial edge. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry defined the style as being “not when there is nothing more to add, but when there’s nothing left to take away”."

"Clean, unfussy, functional, minimalist... these are the kind of adjectives that would spring to most people's mind when the subject of Swedish design is raised."

In the latest issue of IdN, v17n6: Minimalism Issue, you find lot of Swedish creatives from varies fields. Really cool to see what's going on in the neighborhoods;

— Oskar Kron Design (Stockholm, Sweden)
"I find it interesting how typography can set a tone or convey a message in the way it is treated rather than what it necessarily says. It’s a bit like a bolt, it just holds everything together."

— Anneli Olander (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Chevychase (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Diftype (Umeå, Sweden)
— Slobodan Zivic (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Bergen (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Daniel Carlsten (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Dalston Creative (Stockholm, Sweden)
— RBG6 (Stockholm, Sweden)
— BVD (Stockholm, Sweden)
— Patrik Lindell (Stockholm, Sweden)

More minimalistic stuff here.

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Some thoughts about — 


To keep quality in all your projects, every month, every year, and in particular as your agency is growing is not an easy task. Everyone who has been working at a design bureau knows how easy the growth and profit take focus from that final touch and execution. That’s a deadly, but common sin.

At North Kingdom we have always been discussing our projects quality. These internal design evaluations are not only important for you as a designer but for the entire company. How will you otherwise improve and take it to the next level? One step we have taken is to appoint a North Kingdom design director, and that guy is me since a couple of months.

“Critical discussions around design is as important as the design process itself." A quote from Aarron Walters excellent article about "The art of design critique".

In a growing, creative design company, there are two elements that needs equal focus; the economy and the portfolio. We use to say that if you concentrate on quality it will sooner or later pay back, when a well-executed project will give your company great PR which will give you more contracts in the future. Sounds maybe easy, but of course, it’s not. You really need to understand how to sell and run a business as well. When we started North Kingdom almost eight years ago we had something that later seemed to be a perfect match. When I focused 24/7 on the creative side, my colleague and the other founder, Roger Stighäll, focused on the business as a full bloodied business man he is. We were two strong individuals that were fighting our different interest.

Besides the internal design discussions it’s also important for you to fight for your visual ideas. As a designer or art director it can sometimes be hard to internally convince why you would need two extra days, fixing visual details when you have a strict budget and deadline to follow. A fight that becomes more important for you when you know how fine the line is between an acceptable and an award winning project. It's now so important that your colleagues are understanding what you want to achieve. Sometimes we have what we call a “tweak week” at North Kingdom; a week after launch where we fix details that wasn’t done during the last hectic weeks, so we ourselves are pleased with the final result. If you are building a pyramid it would be a bummer to miss the top, right?

Personally I think many companies needs stronger art directors and designers with authority to really fight for their design vision (which should be a vision that not only are based on personal style but business goal). If you as an art director makes a project without any bigger complications within the team or with the client you have probably not taken the work to the level it could be, or should be. If it’s easy, you are probably doing it wrong.

“If people aren’t telling you that your idea is crazy, then it is likely not a very big idea” - Francis Ford Coppola. I like this quote when it touches design as much as ideas itself.

What concerns me, is that is too often we see well known agencies working with super big brands with a terrible result. I hardly believe the budgets are too small, instead I believe there are stronger people in their organizations who are more concerned about money or credits than what they actually are going to launch. Maybe, we should question more if these persons are having to much power in house for each companies best?

Robert Lindström, art & design director, North Kingdom

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My design on ATTIKs wall


This is cool! The first photo I have seen on a FWA wall with my design. It's from ATTIK, San Francisco, USA. ATTIK was one of my absolute favorite agencies (together with Büro Destruct) when I began my carrier. It's also pretty cool that the certificate in the end of this photo, the one from 2010, is together with us at North Kingdom for Scion.

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FWA 3rd Best site of the Year – Cheetos

This year we had one project in the FWA’s big final; Best site of the Year. Myself wasn't involved in this one when Nils Arvidsson (North Kingdom) was our interactive art director. Actually, I haven't done so many cases at all during 2010 when I had been involved in other stuff/roles within North Kingdom. However, I hope to do lot more work during 2011 when I'm back on the drawing table full time.

From North Kingdom blog;

"Battle of the Cheetos made it all the way to the third spot in 2010 FWA People’s Choice Awards – Website of the Year. Thanks to all of you who voted for our piece that we developed together with our old friends at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners." (Case movie by GPS)

View the project here — Battle of the Cheetos

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D&AD President’s Lectures — Digital Monarchy


The 12th of May 2011, Marcus Ivarsson and I will speak at D&AD President's Lectures in London, invited by Jane Morley.

About D&AD President's Lectures — D&AD Events exist to inspire, stimulate discussion & fuel debate. Speakers at D&AD President’s Lectures represent the best in their creative fields whilst Sharp’ners offer the opportunity to share opinion & exchange ideas in a more informal setting. D&AD Workout is a series of challenging workshops taught in unusual ways by unexpected people.

Suggested title — Digital Monarchy
"D&AD Black Pencil-winning North Kingdom is a world leading digital creative agency. Their spiritual home is Skellefteå, a small town next to the polar circle in Sweden. Depending on the season, the team enjoy 23 hours of sunshine or darkness a day.

Renowned for their stunning digital production combining 3D, live action and brilliant art direction, the team create beautiful interactive communication as on projects such as ‘Get the Glass’, ‘Teamgeist’ for Adidas’ and Vodafone’s ‘FutureVision’.

For North Kingdom’s debut lecture in the UK, co-founder Robert Lindström and senior producer Marcus Ivarsson will delve deep inside their favourite projects to and explain in detail how they were created."

Thanks for these fine words Jane! It is our debut lecture for D&AD but we have been in UK before. Actually, I did my absolute first lecture ever in London back in 2000, for Flash Forward.

However, if you are in London this spring, come and join us for a fun night.

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Meeting with Celia Calle

celia calle

Last week I was in New York for some interesting meetings and for the launch of our LG project (more about that later). I have been in contact with the great illustrator Celia Calle for many many years and now, finally I had a chance to meet her in NYC one night. We had a lot of interesting discussions over some wine. She encouraged me to start illustrate again and she was also so kind to give me her new book and one of her lovely prints (which fits my Designchapel very well :).


She made fun of me when I had so hard to find time for our date because of the LG launch.

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Designchapel on Facebook


Well, it took a while, but now on Designchapel is also on Facebook. So if you want to follow the updates via Facebook, check this out.

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WIP — designing FWA award certificates


WORK IN PROGRESS — This autumn I got an amazing assignment from Rob Ford at FWA; to design four prints for their awards.

The basic idea was to make something that would look good on your wall, and even better if you would have a collection. Rob Ford wanted to have a different award certificate for FWA, a vision I liked very much. However, the design have to be simple in a way, when it still is an award. You should be proud of it, and not feeling that you have a piece of art on the wall you maybe don't like. The typeface and the design are taken from the FWA digital award ribbons, which made me start thinking of knitting, which also looks like pixel art in a way. Both knitting and pixelart are just handcraft, which matched the idea perfect when the projects you see on FWA are filled with that

Some lines from the brief;

"They could all be the same format but with a slightly different colour style to resemble the level of award. I've attached all of the award ribbons in case they help in any way and I have also attached the FWA logo in eps format."

"I have thought in the past how it might be cool to have a 3D trophy image on the award certificate but I really have no requirements on the design style or idea. Of course, FWA is all about being progressive, original and innovative so I'm sure you will have that in mind anyway."

(The award would not come with a wooden frame btw, I just wanted to see how it would look like.)


The four certificates — SOTM (Site Of the Month, SOTY (Sity Of The Year), PC (People's Choice) and SOTD (Site Of The Day). I added some awards from us at North Kingdom to see how it could look like.

SOTM, SOTY and PC will be printed and sent over. SOTD will be available for downloading. Some test prints will be made next week.

— This post will shortly be updated.

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WIP — Building the installation


WORK IN PROGRESS — SSC Skellefteå will build the physical building for Woodbot Pilots which hopefully will be in place mid December. I visited SSC this Monday discussing material and here is the "blueprint" I just received in my mail. Personally I haven't worked so much on the project the last three weeks when I have been working in other projects, but it is pretty much about programming now. However, next week I hopefully will find some time to design the game graphics.

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No FITC in Tokyo/Seoul, but in Graz, Austria

After Toronto this spring, I have got an invitation to speak at FITC in Tokyo and Seoul this December, but unfortunately I can't go when the timing wasn't the best. It's a really shame when I just love Japan and I have never been to Korea. However, Shawn Pucknell, FITC, also invited me to another interested event, this time in Austia in June 2011. FITC is working with a music festival called Springfestival in Austia to produce an interactive event in addition to their existing music event. It seems to be a pretty big event with "over 250 national and international DJs, Live-Acts & Visual-Artists, 14 event locations (4 main & 10 small) and 15000+ people attend every year in total". Sounds like the Springfestival can be pretty cool. It's a really honor and inspiration for us to visit these events to speak about our work. Usually I don't speech so often cause of ongoing projects and it takes some time to prepare this trips, but it happens maybe once or twice a year.

Note — FITC at Springfestival isn't confirmed yet.

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WIP — Stockholm conference rooms


WORK IN PROGRESS — One of our conference rooms in Stockholm has got a really cool textile wall this week, made by Lina Zedig. It is an amazing work that contain 250 km line, 50 km criss-cross stitch and over 40 different colorings of textile. More pictures when the room is finished...


In the other conference room, Lina Fall is painting some furniture....

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Teamday at North Kingdom Stockholm


Today at our teamday for our Stockholm office, we have been talking about how we work and live. What makes us unique and how can we make our culture stronger? Pic 1 — Meeting around our fireplace. Pic 2 — Group work in the mini loft. Pic 3 — Dinner at our kitchen. Great day!

(Photos taken by iPhone 4 and the AutoStitch app. Color correction via Lightroom)

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WIP — Kitchen wallpaper


The coffee is pouring... I'm adding some last details to our wallpaper. Placed at North Kingdom kitchen, Stockholm.

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New stuff from North Kingdom


Three pretty cool campaigns have recently been launched from North Kingdom (sites where myself hasn't been involved). The first one is for Cheetos; The Battle of the Cheetos. A project made together with our friends at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (San Fransisco).

Second one is Welcome to Avalon Class for Toyota. A site we made together with Saatchi & Saatchi (LA) who came over to work from our Stockholm office for a while. The Avalon site is today's Site of the Day at FWA btw.

The last project (no picture) is for Auris Hybrid, Toyota. "Months before the launch of the Auris Hybrid, Toyota uses advanced augmented reality technology to send the car on a test drive across your desk." Site of the Day at FWA, June 28. The Auris project was also made together with Saatchi & Saatchi, but this time with their Düsseldorf office.


Stockholm, Sweden

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