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Case #121 / Fashion Design


Project: Designchapel, second edition. My work: Fashion design. Client: Designchapel.
Information: I made three dresses and one coat for new Designchapel edition. These dresses where drawn and made back in 2006 but I have never showed them in my portfolio. Photography by Håkan Moberg, Stockholm.

These dresses are not made for sale right now but you will hopefully find them somewhere in the future.

The idea was to get a 60's look but in more modern and clean look. Check out sketches & work in progress of the dresses in the Behind the scene section or the final result.

More pictures in the Cargo Portfolio.

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Case #111 / North Kingdom goes fashion


This is a first glimpse on our upcoming fashion brand MINK / Made in North Kingdom. The logotype of a blinking deer character have I drawn in Illustrator. The hangtags (on the right side) are for the t-shirts and will be printed on canvas. From the beginning it will only be printed t-shirts with Limited Edition. I am not sure though when this project will be launched. Hopefully during 2008 or 2009.


For a couple of years ago I started an internal project at North Kingdom where our different designers made their own version of our NK symbol. It turned out pretty cool actually! Here above can you see 4 of these t-shirts prints designed by Kenny Lindström, myself, Charlotta Havh and Bjarne Melin. More to come!


Stockholm, Sweden

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