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Product concept — Next generation table tennis table

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

“Waldner” – the next generation ping pong table, is made with an advanced computer system integration. The table has a multi-touch surface, which responds to human touch and real world objects, like ping-pong balls. The table is also equipped with Siri voice recognition that monitors the game along with a Mac Pro 12-core computer. That means the table is very intelligent; it sees, feels and hears the game. You can even discuss a ball with it to improve your ping pong skills or argue about a point.

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel
STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

Under the surface we find two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5620 “Westmere” processors and an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphic cards, a Wi-Fi connection and 12 Bose micro speakers.

The table is 2.74 m long, 1.52 m wide, 76 cm high and 5 cm thick. The surface, which is a huge screen, is made of soft acrylic that gives the correct smooth, low-friction coating. The screen is supported Apple's new HiDPI, which gives a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixel.

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel
STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

The "net" is a touch-sensitive screen from Samsung. With embedded touch sensors it shows information from balls taken in net.

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel
STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

After and during the game, all kind of statistics can be found on the table. Players can for example compare the balls hit areas (where each hit have been visualized by a circle and contains information like speed and trajectory. All data is stored and can be visualized as real time 3D on devices as iPad and iPhones

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel

The tables’ interface activates with a simple two-finger scroll. During game the scores are showed on the surface and changes automatically via a collaboration of the tables sensors, Siri and the players voice. Yes, you can even argue with Siri about a ball and if you not are coming along with the referee; change the score with a swipe.


I wanted to have clean, thin and straight digits that come along with the rest of the design. Therefore I made these digits in Illustrator. If you like them and you need some digits, feel free to use them.

Digits Waldner DC — Download Illustration file (.zip)

STIGA Waldner table tennis ping pong future technology iTable touch-screen apple designchapel


Background informationI have always been interested of product design and new technology, and specially the combination of these two. It’s very inspiring to think about what today’s ever-accelerating technology will impact on simple products we have today, as a ping pong table.

I made this concept because I'm love design. I want to get into product design and because I'm learning Cinema 4D. I'm learning it because I think it's difficult without any 3D knowledge at all for a digital art & design director today plus it is really fun! To have something interesting to create is a great way to learn a program. Therefore, “Waldner” have been a perfect project for me; a table tennis table with new intelligent (and hopefully upcoming) technology. Of course, this table will be to expensive to put in production today, but I think we will soon will start to see these kind of products.

About the images so have I played around with the new depth of field in C4D R13 and its new Physical render. The model is very basic but it still gave me lot of training, specially regarding light, textures and cameras. Most of the stuff did I pick up at Greyscalegorilla.

Why STIGA and Waldner? Well, STIGA is a Swedish brand first of all, and when I grew up we always had a STIGA in our basement. And it has a pretty cool retro logotype that made a nice contrast to the very modern table. Jan-Ove Waldner is known as “the Mozart of table tennis” and is a legend in his native Sweden as well as in China. He is one of our biggest sport profiles and he has always been sponsored by STIGA.

Thanks Kalle Gadd for brainstorming! If anyone is interesting in the concept and design, don’t hesitate to contact me. Who knows, maybe we will see this one in real life one day?

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First prototypes in wood


Last month we received the first photos of the woodbot prototypes from the factory in Hong Kong. However, it was first now I found time for feedback (yes it is a side project) so hopefully I will see a new version of these guys soon. The biggest issue right now is the small details, specially the hands. So I am very excited to see what solutions they have on my feedback. Do we need to redesign or do we need to find another solution? Plan B is to make the hands in plastic.

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Concepting “3 Dreams of Black”

city deer

Concept art by North Kingdom (Robert Lindström & Mathias Lindgren). Deer by Mirada.


Three screenshots from the final work and the landingpage of ROME, everything made with webGL.

Read more about the project here and check out the huge making of article at our North Kingdom blog here. This post on Designchapel only concerns my involvement and my personal notes.


A couple of weeks ago we launched a little different project from North Kingdom called ROME, an interactive music video made in webGL from Google Chrome. To learn more about the technique you can read more at ROME technology site.

I wasn’t so super involved myself unfortunately when it was the music director who was in charge of all the visual stuff. I only did some early concept drawings together with our 3D artist Mathias Lindgren and some design directions on the website. These pictures will I show here below.

norah jones

The beautifully Norah Jones, one of my favorites, is singing "3 Dreams of Black" in this interactive music video with Jack White from Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi’s album ROME.


Some really early concept drawings. I had an idea of a mirror world underneath the surface, a more twisted version of the dream world.

"A dark world is found under the surface, as if you would look under the water's edge. This dark, odd, bizarre world contains a mirror image of the “real” world but within another shape. Here will you find the dark soup. A soup that could have same style in all three dark worlds."

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The Making of “Gil”, the character


Last month we launched a pretty cool project at Times Square for LG on their huge LED screen. A project within the project was to create a character, a process I will show here below. Usually I don't work as an illustrator but sometimes it happens...

Overall we created over 50 characters during two hectic weeks...


A — Final direction from client B — My redesign and modification of the character when we wanted him more mature and cool C — Klaus Lyngeled (Character Designer och Animation Director) did some tweaks on my sketch D — The final character made in Unity 3D

When a project have a character in focus it's of course super important to give him a look that works both for the brands philosophy and the project itself, a combination that can be very tricky sometimes. This autumn I helped one of our teams with some early concept ideas and development of a character for LG. The character was going to have artificial intelligence and "live" inside the biggest LED screen in NYC; a huge 15x25 meters display (1984x1136 resolution) on Times Square. His name is Gil (Life Is Good backwards) and he's LG's Good News Ambassador. Gil is animated in real-time 3D (Unity 3d) which means instead of using loops of pre-rendered animations, he actually can respond differently to messages, weather reports or news feeds so that he feels really alive

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Character design


Last week I worked on some character design for an ongoing pitch. The client wanted another direction thou so it never went further than this. So today it is just garbage, but that's life. At least it was fun to do. The cool typeface is called CAPSET, made by my friend Andreas Philström.

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Work in progress — Just one of the guys


Some sketches from a concept I'm working on right now. The characters had to be very simple so I continue to work with the style I made for The Lodge showreel a couple of years ago. I have no idea if we will use these small fellows but they where really fun to do :) Next step will be to build them in 3D if choose to continue. The project will be launched first after the summer so it is a very early sneak peek.

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Case #122 / The Council


Personal Work. I have vacation right now and tried do something on my Cintiq 12WX meanwhile I was listening on a e-book. I had no plans what-so-ever when I started, except that I want to build him with ZBrush one day.

I am not sure what he/it is. From the beginning this character was looking totally different but when I flipped a copy of the original horizontal and multiplied it on top; a new character appeared which felt much more unique. Then I took this new character and finished the work.

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The Making of “Försvarsmakten”


Here above you can see the design in progress for the first room: The Freezer. It is a test where you have to save two persons of four, or can you maybe solve the test different? Check out the Behind the Scene part here below.

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The making of “Designchapel II”


The process for making DCHPL-2 have been long, very long. The goal has not been the final result but just the process. To take time and learn new stuff! To sit down and think; what do I want to try? Here is some sketches and ideas I have had during these years I have been working with this. Sometimes it have been three four months between each time I have open the Designchapel folder, sometimes even more. And yes, it can be very frustrating to not launch the ship, to ask yourself “Will I never ever finish this?”, but somehow, you have to tell yourself also “Well, it is just a bloody webpage. Focus on what you think is fun, nothing else!”. It can be hard many times to not be stressed, but during my years in this branch you have to think on your social life as well, otherwise you will never stay long in the business.

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NikePlus Second Generation


I love the cooperation between Apple and Nike (Nike+) and I use their gadgets a lot. When will we see they use the latest in all parts of the technology? Imagine a pair of glasses where you can both see friends and your records visually as a “ghost rider”.

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The making of “Get the Glass”


Here is some behind the scene peaks from when we made "Get the Glass" for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Fransisco, US. The client was The California Milkboard inc.

Me and David Eriksson (CD/CEO, North Kingdom) had for a long time wanted a project where we could build something physical, something you have not seen earlier, and when we first heard about the new Got Milk? project we understood that this would be the project! I guess Goodby thought we where a little bit crazy in the beginning but when we described the idea they loved the idea.
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Father Robot


A first concept drawing of Father Robot. A character which will be built in 3D and added to the pictures with the new Designchapel nun.


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