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Cool article in the Korean w.e.b magazine

webtrends cool magazine

I just want to show this cool article (two double-page spreads) from the Korean trend magazine, Adobe sponsored, w.e.b (May 05) about my company; North Kingdom. I have no idea whatsoever what it says when it's all in Korean, but as long as it look cool it´s fine by me. Great to see that they using my typeface Black Nun Bold for the headline.

However, it's a shame for the readers that a cool magazine like m.a.p. have a web page like this... It seems to be a standard for many Asia sites to look like that so maybe it's just me who don't get it?

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North Kingdom interviewed by Computer Arts

"The tiny city of Skellefteå in the extreme north of Sweden is an unlikely place to find one of the world’s foremost web design agencies, and yet it is the spiritual home for the award-winning North Kingdom." Cool interview by Computer Arts. Read more here; The online version.

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North Kingdom goes Tokyo


We at North Kingdom where invited to the APTM4 conference in Tokyo recently (big thanks to Yosuke Kurita). Therefor David Eriksson and I went to Japan for a week. It was very inspiring meeting guys like Even Roth from Graffiti Research Lab, the cool guys at SemiTransparent Design, Abe-san & CO at Ogilvy Tokyo among others. We also visited the “Now Updating…” exhibition by Yugo Nakamura and Tha Ltd. Amazing stuff! I love Tokyo!

David and I where also interviewed by the Japanese magazine “Web Designers” as you can see on the other picture here above.

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Bak09 Interview

Here is some of the pages from the my interview in the last issue of Bak09 by Ozan Karakoç. Thanks a lot of the opportunity! Bak is a great inspiration magazine so check it out!

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Designchapel at Veerle´s Blog


I almost forgot that I where interviewed by Veerle´s Blog this spring. It is really great to hear that I have inspired some of you out there. The picture is one of my illustrations from DesignChapel 2002 which is showned in the interview.

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Case #88 / D-Zone Magazine Cover


Project: Magazine Cover. My work: Illustrator/ Graphic Designer. Client: Bert Hagendoorn, D-Zone Magazine, Netherland.
Information: A cover and an article for a design magazine.


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