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Published by British Sport Magazine


"So what are you waiting for, Roman Abramovich? Quit wasting your money on washed-up strikers, firing managers and ropey haircuts, and invest in this instead."

A nice quote from the British Sport Magazine this month.

"Here it is: the table tennis table of tomorrow. A multitouch surface that records where a ping pong ball has landed, a ‘net’ with embedded sensors to show info on whether a ball has touched it, automatic scorekeeping and even an emotionless auto-ref that adjudicates the game for you (and also possibly harbours secret, Hal-type plans to kill you stone dead, Dave)."

Read more — The article.

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Nice post at Abduzeedo

I found a really nice post (via Twitter) on Abduzeedo about my work as design inspiration. It made my day :)

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Cool article in the Korean w.e.b magazine

webtrends cool magazine

I just want to show this cool article (two double-page spreads) from the Korean trend magazine, Adobe sponsored, w.e.b (May 05) about my company; North Kingdom. I have no idea whatsoever what it says when it's all in Korean, but as long as it look cool it´s fine by me. Great to see that they using my typeface Black Nun Bold for the headline.

However, it's a shame for the readers that a cool magazine like m.a.p. have a web page like this... It seems to be a standard for many Asia sites to look like that so maybe it's just me who don't get it?

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Rob Ford; “The best Flash sites ever”


.net magazine (one of the UK's leading magazine for web designers and developers) and Rob Ford (from one of the worlds biggest flashcommunity; FWA) have gone through the best websites since 1997 to make a top 20.

"When the first version of Flash was launched in 1996, little did we know how it would revolutionise website design over the ensuing decade. The FWA’s Rob Ford counts down the Top 20 Flash sites of all time".

Rob Ford; "Through my work at leading web award site FWA I’ve pre-screened over 200,000 Flash websites over the years, and seen both the best of the best and the worst of the worst." "Please note that some of these sites are old now and may seem very dated, but in their heyday they were making people’s jaws."

#1. Vodafone Future Vision.
"Roll the music ... “Straight in at number one!” Okay, here we go ... the best Flash site ever is Vodafone Future Vision, made by North Kingdom ( When this site launched in January 2004 it was way before its time. The funny thing is, its aim was to promote what Vodafone saw as the future of technology. The fact that they managed to create a site that was so progressive and innovative as well is quite amazing. It would go on to be one of the most highly awarded sites of all time, as well as being the only one ever to pick up both FWA Site of the Year and FWA People’s Choice Award in the same year. Lots of original techniques were used and influences from it were even spotted in TV adverts shortly after. Hands down, this is the website that all designers and developers wish they’d been a part of and which, at the time of launch, totally blew away its audience. A very worthy winner and a site that must be kept live for all eternity.
Launch date: 2003
Claim to fame: The best Flash site ever!"

We was very amazed and happy when we also saw another site from North Kingdom on the top 10:

#5. Get The Glass!
"North Kingdom is one of my top three favourite agencies and this site, which promotes milk, is a great example of why. When I first saw it, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I thought to myself that this was the best site I’d seen since… well, the one you’ll see in a minute at number one (no peeking!). The site is based on a board game that you have to play to help the milk-deprived Adachi family break into Fort Fridge to get the Glass. Roll the dice and experience some of the highest quality production, built from the ground up, that you’ll ever see. Oh ... make sure that you don’t get caught by the cops and end up in Milkatraz!
Launch date: 2007
Claim to fame: Taking production levels to new heights."

I was also really glad to see my old favorite Gabocorp from 1997. It was that website that make me to chose the web industry before the advertising industry (which was my big plan). And yeah, Gabocorp has never been a strong design site, but in my eyes (and many others) the first site that actually showed what internet would become to be.

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The 2008 Creativity 50


A couple of month ago we where included on a list I never had dreamed about.

"The list represents the biggest innovators of the year, who—through repeated demonstration of sheer brilliance or even just one spectacular feat—brought new spark to their respective fields of advertising, entertainment, marketing, technology, design and beyond."

Absolute amazing! A great award for our whole office!

The article of North Kingdom.
The article about Creativity 50.

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Interview by swedish Cap&Design

"Det har talats länge om hur filmberättandet tar plats på webben. Men med Coke Zeros kampanjsajt inför fotbolls-EM 2008 visar Skellefteåbyrån North Kingdom att det är från spelvärlden webben har mest att hämta."

Read the whole story here.

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Advertising Age; “The Hottest Digital Agencies Around”

Wow! Advertising Age has listed North Kingdom as one of the "The Hottest Digital Agencies Around".

"Despite waves of consolidation across the ad-agency business, there remains a healthy bunch of independent digital shops doing everything from search optimization to building web interfaces to simply doing damn good creative. Some of these shops are near-acquisitions for digital-hungry giants; others are adamantly opposed to becoming part of something larger, hanging onto the romantic notion of David vs. Goliath."

I am very honored! And I can tell you that we are not Goliath!

Here is a note about it in the Swedish press: Resumé

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Great results for Get the Glass


They did a pretty nice article about Get the glass at Digital Arts from UK. They have som stuff online here.

When we spoke at OFFF in Barcelona we showed these results for Get the Glass campaign (6 weeks after launch);

*Approx 6 million visitors.
*Approx 650 000 visitors has reached the Glass at Fort Fridge (takes around 15-30 minutes of playing).
*First week we gave away 4000 glasses to users that finished the game (only in US).
*Worldwide press in New York Times and Metro among others.
*The California Milk Processor Board has already sold 10 million more gallons of milk than it did the previous year.

Good result is always fun cause then you have a happy client!

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D-Mode prints


This is just picture from my living room from this morning. I have printed the illustration I did for D-Mode from my project. Size 160 x 103 cm. The chair is a redesigned present from my girlfriend.


D-Mode magazine from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Some other prints I have done lately. Photo from my office.

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.net Awards 07 – Interactive Site of the Year

"The 10th annual .net awards are upon us. Who’s won, who’s lost, who’s the hottest property on the internet?"
North Kigndom was given the Interactive Site of the Year by the international .net magazine.

The award was again for our "Get the Glass" campaign! Awesome! Sometimes it is easy to forget all late hours you have spent in a project. If it was worth it? Well, that is another question...

But still, it is always great to get recognition like that! Thank you .net!

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Case #101 / D-Mode


Project: Illustration for Fashion Magazine. My work: Illustrator. Client: D-Mode Magazine, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Information: A project where chosen illustrators and photographers work where combined. Photographer: Pablo Franco. Production: Christian Bernay. Model: Josefina Valente.

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Case #88 / D-Zone Magazine Cover


Project: Magazine Cover. My work: Illustrator/ Graphic Designer. Client: Bert Hagendoorn, D-Zone Magazine, Netherland.
Information: A cover and an article for a design magazine.

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