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North Kingdom indoor fireplace


Our fireplace have been in our foyer for a while, but it's first now we can call it done, when the surface has been missing the right touch.


To get the right style we first used signal red spray all over the plate. After the color dried, I used sandpaper and paint thinner to scrub away some color, owensoot to make it darker and dirtier and salt water to give the surface some rust.


The fireplace is actually working when we are using bio fuel in three small tanks under the surface.


The final result become pretty close to my rough 3D sketch, even if it looked pretty bad.

The fireplace — work in progress II.
The fireplace — work in progress II.

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“En kopp kaffe” — North Kingdom kitchen


Kenny Lindström's and my wallpaper is finally on place at North Kingdom's kitchen in Stockholm. I named the work "En kopp kaffe" which means a cup of coffee in Swedish. I also added some lines to the illustration to make it more as a part of a story;

Her coffee smelt nice, but it felt like somebody was watching her. Even if the morning was chilly, she didn’t understand why her coffee had a touch of salt.

Like a deep lake of oil, her drink now took on a new dimension. The other side of the kingdom was now presented.

More work in progress here.

We ordered the wallpaper at Your Wallpaper here in Stockholm. Decorator was Lina Fall.

When the wallpaper arrived a week after my order, I put it directly on the floor to see how it looked like. And yes, the quality was good! The color range was not perfect but for that price I would say it is ok. The price for this wallpaper was 1317 SEK plus taxes.

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WIP — Stockholm conference rooms


WORK IN PROGRESS — One of our conference rooms in Stockholm has got a really cool textile wall this week, made by Lina Zedig. It is an amazing work that contain 250 km line, 50 km criss-cross stitch and over 40 different colorings of textile. More pictures when the room is finished...


In the other conference room, Lina Fall is painting some furniture....

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Teamday at North Kingdom Stockholm


Today at our teamday for our Stockholm office, we have been talking about how we work and live. What makes us unique and how can we make our culture stronger? Pic 1 — Meeting around our fireplace. Pic 2 — Group work in the mini loft. Pic 3 — Dinner at our kitchen. Great day!

(Photos taken by iPhone 4 and the AutoStitch app. Color correction via Lightroom)

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A new floor in our Skellefteå office

North Kingdom Skellefteå
North Kingdom Skellefteå

Some photos I took on our new North Kingdom floor in Skellefteå. We have take over a really cool apartment (180 m2) above our existing one. Our designer Charlotta Havh have worked with the interior design and her dad have done much of the carpenter's work, as the table here in the new conference room. It is a pretty small world btw; the owner of the apartment was Göran Eriksson, CEO at my old work, Paregos. His son, Marcus Ericsson (Subdisc), who also worked at Paregos, is now living in Vancover and running his own famous studio; Academy.

North Kingdom Skellefteå office

Reindeer lamp.

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Work in progress — North Kingdom fireplace

fire place gel

Yes we have moved into our new Stockholm office but it's still a looot of work to do before it's all set. One thing I'm looking at right now is a fireplace we will build in the foyer. We talk lot about storytelling within NK, the work we do and what we want to accomplish with our projects. The picture here below did I take in Svansele, where we had some teamdays 2008. This picture gave us the idea to actually build a fireplace in our office (with gel fire ofcourse), where we in a near future, hopefully, will gather around for storytelling and to create new great ideas.


Svansele 2008. North Kingdom tell stories.... Hans Eklund, Daniel Illlic, Klas Kroon, Mikael Forsgren, David Eriksson, Mathis Lindgren, Daniel Wallström and Lucian Trofin.

Inspiration for the design have been found from old fireplaces in north and from the lovely "Zero" from Ak47 in Italy.

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The new North Kingdom office


This week is our first week in our new Stockholm office. We have moved from Gamla Stan, where we have been located the last four years, to Kungsholmen. These pictures are from December during the restoration which still is running. The office are hopefully finish in the beginning of March. Here are some cool pictures during the first day by Jakob Nylund.

I will post some work in progress later on. Architect Fabian Wanqvist and Charlotta Havh (North Kingdom) is helping me out with the interior design.

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North Kingdom is looking for talented people


As I will re-locate to our North Kingdom Stockholm or Gothenburg office shortly, we need to find someone that can take my Art Director position and responsibility at our northern head quarter, where this photo is from. There are also some other openings that might be of interest to you like Creative, Flash Developer, Information Architect, Production Manager and Account Manager…

Read more here.


Some of our team in Skellefteå... I'm the glad one in the middle with hat.

Stockholm, Sweden

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