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Another design for FWA — Mobile Of The Day


This week I finished another design for Rob Ford and FWA when they needed a Mobile Of The Day (MOTD) award certificate. I was lucky and could change the award original color code when its blue was a little bit crazy (and we already had two blue ones). This green matches the other awards pretty nice I think.

Here can you see the other versions and on the FWA gallery site you can see how they are used around the globe.
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“En kopp kaffe” as a print


Tonite I have modified my illustration from the wallpaper "En kopp kaffe" to match a 50x70 cm print for an upcoming exhibition. I will definitely play around with it more later, regarding colors and graphic elements. The print will be a limited edition of 25 or so...


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Ten FITC Speakers. Ten Years. Ten Prints!

weareten FITC TEN prints

Got a mail from Shawn Pucknell, Director at FITC Events, today; "Just got all the prints today and sorted them all out and hand numbered them. They look great. Attached is a shot of the prints and album..."

My print is the one in the lower left corner. Great to see how the other artist solved the assignment. My favorite is the one by James Paterson.

"As part of our celebration for the ten year anniversary of FITC, we selected ten FITC Speakers from the past ten years and asked them to design a print with the theme ‘TEN’".

Read the whole post at FITC.

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Minimalistic poster design for FITC, Canada

ten-by-robert-lindstrom_FITC 10 yrs

TEN PIECES. This is mine and North Kingdoms contribution to FITC 10th Anniversary (Canada). FITC have invited 10 artists that have spoken at their conferences the last 10 years to create 10 posters. Therefore the theme was just TEN. The size will be 12 x12 inches, printed on matte 80 pound stock.

Some of the other artists are Natzke, MK12 and Kyle Cooper.


My idea was to create something made by 10 shapes, based on a technique I used back in 2000 for a project called "The Skyscraper". I wanted to make a minimalistic symbol that both contains the word "TEN" but also something connected to North Kingdom, so I created a deer in a shape similar to our North Kingdom logotype..


The symbols/logotypes I made September 2000 for "The Skyscraper".

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My design on ATTIKs wall


This is cool! The first photo I have seen on a FWA wall with my design. It's from ATTIK, San Francisco, USA. ATTIK was one of my absolute favorite agencies (together with Büro Destruct) when I began my carrier. It's also pretty cool that the certificate in the end of this photo, the one from 2010, is together with us at North Kingdom for Scion.

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FWA test prints


For a couple of days ago I got my test prints for the FWA award certificates from a local print house, just to check the design. All new winners will receive these from FWA via post, starting January 2011, except for SOTD winners who will just get a pdf.

Old winners will also get these certificates. Rob Ford; "Initially, I think the certificates might be printed for all SOTY and PCA winners I can still get in touch with. For previous SOTM winners, I think it makes sense to send them a PDF which they can print from themselves."


The famous FWA digital award ribbons are vectorized and placed in the lower right corner.

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WIP — designing FWA award certificates


WORK IN PROGRESS — This autumn I got an amazing assignment from Rob Ford at FWA; to design four prints for their awards.

The basic idea was to make something that would look good on your wall, and even better if you would have a collection. Rob Ford wanted to have a different award certificate for FWA, a vision I liked very much. However, the design have to be simple in a way, when it still is an award. You should be proud of it, and not feeling that you have a piece of art on the wall you maybe don't like. The typeface and the design are taken from the FWA digital award ribbons, which made me start thinking of knitting, which also looks like pixel art in a way. Both knitting and pixelart are just handcraft, which matched the idea perfect when the projects you see on FWA are filled with that

Some lines from the brief;

"They could all be the same format but with a slightly different colour style to resemble the level of award. I've attached all of the award ribbons in case they help in any way and I have also attached the FWA logo in eps format."

"I have thought in the past how it might be cool to have a 3D trophy image on the award certificate but I really have no requirements on the design style or idea. Of course, FWA is all about being progressive, original and innovative so I'm sure you will have that in mind anyway."

(The award would not come with a wooden frame btw, I just wanted to see how it would look like.)


The four certificates — SOTM (Site Of the Month, SOTY (Sity Of The Year), PC (People's Choice) and SOTD (Site Of The Day). I added some awards from us at North Kingdom to see how it could look like.

SOTM, SOTY and PC will be printed and sent over. SOTD will be available for downloading. Some test prints will be made next week.

— This post will shortly be updated.

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A photo book of two brothers (


I know, this is a very late post, but this Christmas I gave my sister Ragnhild a photo book of her two sons. It is based on my photos from 2008 and 2009. The book is printed at Blurb where I ordered a test book three years ago, but back in 2007 I received a book with terrible print result, so I haven't bother to order anything more from them. However, this time I saw they had upgraded their supplies so I took a shoot, and I was happily surprised when I received the book. The print quality, the colors and the material were really fine this time.

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Work in progress II — Wallpaper for the NK kitchen

I have just finished mine and Kenny Lindströms kitchen illustration, so tomorrow I will send it to the printhouse because instead of paint it we will print, just to save some time. The main idea was to mix our styles.

north kingdom wallpaper

My work was concept, copy, making the lady and put everything together. The idea is also to make a black stain on the table underneath
where the coffee is pouring. When I wrote the copy I wanted to achieve a feeling that the picture is taken from a saga, a story (not final);

"Her coffee smelt nice, but it felt like somebody was watching her. It was chilly outside and the aroma of the coffee now had a touch of salt. Like a deep lake of oil, her drink now took on a new dimension. Another side of the kingdom was now presented."

— Work in progress


The illustration is made on a Cintiq 12WX, based on a photography I took a couple of years ago. When the plan was to paint everything we wanted a clean and simple illustration, which we kept even if it now will be printed.


Kenny Lindströms beautiful octopus. Original file in illustrator above. Below after my coloring.

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D-Mode prints


This is just picture from my living room from this morning. I have printed the illustration I did for D-Mode from my project. Size 160 x 103 cm. The chair is a redesigned present from my girlfriend.


D-Mode magazine from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Some other prints I have done lately. Photo from my office.

Stockholm, Sweden

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