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North Kingdom speaks at FITC Toronto, 2010

toronto fitc 2010

Last week David Eriksson (CD/CEO) and myself came back from Toronto and FITC 2010. North Kingdom where invited by Shawn Pucknell to speak at this, in my eyes, very professional managed conference with nice variation of speakers. FITC is an event for the design and technology community, which is now held for the 9th year. I where in Toronto and spoke back in 2007 and was already then very impressed by the arrangement at Hilton Hotel. This year’s theme was Playground. ”Which is all about...playing!”

All photos here below is taken from FITC's photostream on Flickr

FITC 2010 Toronto

During Saturday, the day before everything started, FITC had a 'Get a Job' day where we spoke about how to apply and what you as a student should think about. If you are a designer it is pretty much about portfolio, portfolio and portfolio, and that you can work in a team, which is just as important.

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Val d’Isère

Val d'Isère
Val d’Isère

I spent last week in Val d'Isère, France, where I have had a great time skiing with some friends! Everything was actually perfect; the weather, the snow, the queues, the food... everything! Ok, the afterski in Åre, and also Kittelfjäll, is much better, but who cares? I can warmly recommend both Val d'Isère and Langley Travel.

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The Making of “Adidas Teamgeist”


Michael Ballack, the captain of the German national soccer team, concentrating before a film shoot and Rene Adler, the goalkeeper, is doing an interview in front of our scenography. Cologne, September 2009. A couple of exciting days for us from North Kingdom when the film shoots for Adidas Teamgeist took place.

Here is my personal thoughts and pictures from this autumn. These “Making of” parts have been very important for me to me to keep when I want to collect parts of the process, which never is seen in the final result and to have something to look back on when we work with new projects in the future. Working as an Art Director for this kind of projects can be pretty difficult. Big complex game campaigns for big brands, where lot of different parts runs parallel. You need to keep everything in the same style and quality, and you always have a client with very high expectations. Times like that, the most important is to have a well working team, which we have in North Kingdom! Many of us at NK have been working together over ten years so we know each other very well. Nobody is afraid to say what he or she thinks. A project will never turns out good if people in the team don’t say what they have in mind. It is so true that the details will betray you, so when Marcus Ivarsson (our Project Manager) said “Every single pixel need love” I couldn’t agree more.

I’m pretty happy with the final result. The sound and voice overs are absolute fantastic! DinahMoe did a great job! They handled all sound dynamically at runtime, all integrated and affecting each other. Visually it is almost perfect. With little more time I think we could make the game itself a little harder in the last two chapters and with more variations. But still, we had over 500,000 games played the first three weeks, chosen FWA Site of the Month, and a very happy client, which is most important. However, I have to admit I wasn’t totally sold about the game idea, the strategic style, but it gave me even more reason to try to make it as visual outstanding as possible.


My first rough concept drawings from August 2009, showing how the white takeover would look like, how the players would transform to these white “ghosts” without any identity, history or power.

anton_street-adidas teamgeist

During the project I worked with two very talented illustrators; Therese Larsson (intern at North Kingdom), who did the covers and Anton Eriksson, who was in charge of backgrounds, based on our 3D sketches. The graphic novel style came from 180 Amsterdam who did the very cool “Spark” movie for Adidas earlier this year, which gave Adidas a new mystic, dark feeling. I wasn’t so fond of the rest of the campaign they did, when their graphic novel style was too lame and to regular. Adidas let us make our own style within the genre which we both loved and thought would be necessary for a great outcome. Basically I got free hands with my illustrators. Why can’t all clients be like that?

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Munich — Stockholm


On my flight back from Munich yesterday I did a new small drawing on my iPhone with the Brush application. I felt very very tired on the trip home so I guess that's why the guy ended up like this...

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One Show Interactive Jury 2009


This spring I had the honor to part of the jury of One Show in New York with Michael Lebowitz from Big Spaceship as Jury Chair. 28 invited from the business where gathered at the amazing IAC building on Manhattan, where we voted and discussed work from all over the world for a week. I had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks Kevin Swanepoel and Jeff Hirch for the most organized jury week I have been at!

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North Kingdom goes Tokyo


We at North Kingdom where invited to the APTM4 conference in Tokyo recently (big thanks to Yosuke Kurita). Therefor David Eriksson and I went to Japan for a week. It was very inspiring meeting guys like Even Roth from Graffiti Research Lab, the cool guys at SemiTransparent Design, Abe-san & CO at Ogilvy Tokyo among others. We also visited the “Now Updating…” exhibition by Yugo Nakamura and Tha Ltd. Amazing stuff! I love Tokyo!

David and I where also interviewed by the Japanese magazine “Web Designers” as you can see on the other picture here above.

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North Kingdom goes Los Angeles (Siggraph 2008)


Mathias Lindgren and I went to Los Angeles and Siggraph 2008 (short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques) to check out the worlds leading computer graphics (CG) conference. As an Art Director I think it is very important to know what is going on out there, and Mathias, who are our 3D artist, to find new techniques and methods. Great inspiration when you need to find cutting edge solutions for different projects!

One of the best speakers was Tippet Studios who talked about how they did “Cloverfield”. We was amazed by their engagement and how they have used their creativity in the technical level. We also saw lot of great Behind-The-Scene speakers showing stuff from movies like ”The Mummy”, ”Indiana Jones, ”The Hulk”, ”Speed Racer”, ”Iron Man”, ”Narnia”, ”Wall-E”, The X-Files_ I Want to Belive” and ”The Golden Compass”.

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North Kingdom celebrates 5 years in Norway


To celebrate our five years anniversary we went with the whole team to Norway and the beautiful island Lovund outside Mo i Rana. We had a great time with deep fishing, lovely food and great sightseeing.


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Gold both at Clio and One Show


The last week our and GSP´s Get the glass where competing in awards shows around US for the last time. And it ends as it started; totally incredible. It has won every single competition it has joined. Winning awards should never be purpose of its own ofcourse, but still it is a good way to show that your company exist and it gives you more work. But most important is that the campaign actually are doing some purpose for the brand, and for Get The Glass it have done that to;

Visitors: 3,3 millions (9000 visits a day in average).
Unique visitors: 2,5 millions.
Time spent: 9 min in average.
Browsers: 63% IE, 28% Firefox

From where?
Direct: 37% 170 000 visitors (5 %). 118 000 visitors.
FWA: 85 000 visitors.
USA dominates with 1,2 million visits, and then Norway with 250 000 visitors.

(Data from Feb, 2008.)

Clio Awards 2008 Miami Beach, 49th Annual One Gold (Get The Glass for Animation), one Silver (Get The Glass for Brand Building) and one Bronze (The Coke Zero Game).

I had the chance to be in Miami Beach in person together with Roger Stighall and his wife Sofia. In the ceremony, placed at the great Jackie Gleason Theater, I and Mike Geiger (from GSP) went up to the stage together which was something else! Great feeling to go up there! It was the first time I have actually went to an award ceremony, and I hope it won´t be the last!

BIG thanks to Mike Geiger and his very nice gesture when he told us to keep the statues! Thanks a lot! I hope to work with you this winter!

Great also to see that almost 25% on the shortlist where from Sweden.

The One Show 2008, New York One Gold (Get The Glass for Microsites Corporate Image)

Sweden finished on third place after USA and Great Britain.

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North Kingdom goes Toronto & FITC 2007


We were invited to Toronto and FITC 2007 this year, so Staffan Lamm and myself visited this beautiful town in Canada. Everything was located in Hilton Hotel and we where very impressed how professional arranged this Flash festival was!. Big thanks to Shawn Pucknell among others. We had the last lesson, the last day, and we could not believe our eyes when over 1000 came to see our presentation. We talked about some of projects we have done at North Kingdom. "How is a small company like North Kingdom, located in the north part of Sweden, thinking and working so leading global brands/agencies would like to work with them? North Kingdom will go through some recent projects from sketches and ideas to final production."

Unfortunately we didn't see so much of the others presentation when we where preparing ours the days before.


Speakers poker on the night, here with me on the left side. Photo by Shawn Pucknell.

A short review from Ping Mag, Japan.

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D&AD Webjury 2008


This spring I had the honor to join the D&AD 2008 Website Jury in London. First two days of voting from home and then three days of voting and discussing at ExCel in London. It was a very inspiring and fun!

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North Kingdom goes Svansele


This weekend we went to Svansele Wilderness Camp, 60km from Skellefteå, with the whole team of North Kingdom and spent one night out in nowhere. We had no electricity, no running water and definitely no internet, but lot of fun!

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North Kingdom goes Barcelona & OFFF


WOW! What a town! Lovely Barcelona! We took a weekend off the whole company (North Kingdom) and went to Barcelona to get some inspiration! Me and David Eriksson also did some speaking at the OFFF conference which took place the same weekend. We were invited to OFFF together with Jorge Calleja, who we did the Get the Glass project with (when he was working for Goodby). Our speaking was about just that project! We had a great time in Barcelona! Met lot of cool people and I had a chance to met Scott Hansen who I have know through email during a couple of years.

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Art Director Club, 86th Annual Awards Jury


I did get the honor to join the judge at the Art Director Club as one of 26 in New York this year. It was a great opportunity to see some god work and met colleagues from other companies. ADC is actually the oldest competition of advertising art in the world. Founded in New York in 1920.

Paul Lavoie, ADC President; "The ADC’s most important mission is to inspire not only this generation of practitioners but also the next, which it has been doing for 85 years now. I’m proud to be part of this organization.”

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North Kingdom goes Montreal (Journée Grafika & ADAPT 06)


We visited ADAPT 06 in Montreal this autumn with some of the best digital artist in the world. I had the chance to see some of Hollywood´s best digital artists showcase the techniques behind their works in 2D & 3D.
The main reason of why I was in Montreal that week was because I where speaker at Journée Grafika, a web/design conference. At the conference we met Sid Lee (also speakers) who invited us to there office. They are the guys behind the magnificent MGM Grand site. Cloudraker was another nice agency we met and visited.


At ADAPT 06 I met a legend; my new topp favourite artist; Syd Maed! He has been designing futuristic concepts for corporations and the movies (including Blade Runner, Tron and Mission Impossible 3) since the '60s. He is making "retro future" in a way I have not seen anywhere else, and he does not even use the computer!


Another great artist I had the chance to see was Mark Goerner! Stunning work from one who has make concept drawings for Minority Report, X-Men 2 and Superman Returns. Mark is currently working on James Cameron´s Battle Angel to be released in 2009.

Thierry Doizon gave a lecture in speed painting and I can just say "WOW!". His team was demonstrating the use of custom brushes and team work. Just f***ing amazing what they could make by drawing for 1,5 hour.

Some other really great artists I had the chance to see; Dylan Cole, Christian Lorenz Scheurer, James Clyne and Sebastien Larroude.

Stockholm, Sweden

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