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Weetakid, an intergalactic mobile gameplay for kids

iphone-weetakid-app design north kingdom yum yum

NORTH KINGDOM PROJECT — Weetakid, an intergalactic mobile gameplay for kids, is a concept made by BBH London for Weetabix, which is a popular whole grain wheat breakfast cereal in England. The assignment for North Kingdom was to create a mobile game with an AR solutution connected to the cereal package.

I myself wasn't so much involved as I use to be in this kind of projects when BBH London was in charge of the overall feeling, Yum Yum (London) made the characters and 3d, and Zoink Games (Gothenburg) took care of the games, including game bible.

My role was pretty much to take care of the first look and feel, concept designs, covers and some interface design/ mock ups. The final production was so so in my eyes… but it has some cool visuals so I thought it could be fun to keep it here on the blog for the future. The image above, with the three iPhones, have I done in Cinema 4D.
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FWA 10th Anniversary Wallpaper

FWA wallpaper North Kingdom free

On Monday FWA will publish our wallpaper kit to their special edition 10th Anniversary collection. We where invited by Rob Ford together with 9 other great agencies (FWA 10 top winning agencies) like Goodby, B-Reel, Big Spaceship and EVB for this special occasion. It was of course a big honor for us, but also a chance to make a quick piece of art which is always challenging and fun.

Get the wallpapers here — FWA 10th Anniversary wallpapers by North Kingdom

If you like the font I have used and made, you can download that one here.

FWA 10

When we had no time whatsoever we made a quick collaboration in house. We didn't have any directions among us more then just go "bananas", to make something we wanted to have on our own desktops, and to keep it black and white as our graphic profile.

The directive from Rob Ford was; "The wallpaper should include the FWA logo, your own logo, the number 10. I am happy for the FWA logo to be manipulated in any creative way rather than having it placed, as is, on a nice image."

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Air France

iphone air france brush iphone drawing application

Air France did I finish last week on my flight from Paris to Miami. I have again used the Brush application which have been updated with layer function since last time I used it. You can also import photos from your photo library. That´s how I did the copy; I took a photo on a page at the airplane, imported it to Brushes and painted Air Fran(ce) on the top layer. The color & contrast correction is made with the Mill Color application.

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Sir Archipelago

iphone app brushes paint

Another drawing I made on my iPhone with the Brush application. I made it when I spent some nice days at the Stockholm archipelago this summer.

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Munich — Stockholm


On my flight back from Munich yesterday I did a new small drawing on my iPhone with the Brush application. I felt very very tired on the trip home so I guess that's why the guy ended up like this...

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Drawing on my iPhone


On my way back home from New York I tried this new iPhone app. called "Brushes". It's a program where you can paint with your fingers on your mobile! Very easy to use actually. I drawn these two robots here below on the plane (shown in three steps each);



Stockholm, Sweden

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