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130 tracks for a creative day at work


I have always enjoyed listen to music meanwhile I work creative, specially when I'm sitting at the office or at coffee shops. For me it's so important that I can shut down everything around me to find my creative mood, my creative "capsule".

Here is my playlist on Spotify for you who also like to work with easy listening music: Designchapel — A creative day at work

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Case #122 / Dear Deer Black

North Kingdom deer

When we did our showreel for North Kingdom last year we also made our own soundtrack together with Andreas Lundmark. I have used his music before when he was a part of Elodie, a great group from Skellefteå with a original style. The last thing I wanted for our showreel was a high tempo pop/rock/techno tune which almost every showreel uses today. Instead we wanted to give our reel an odd story with a calm pleasant feeling.

The soundtrack turned out so good so I wanted to give it a proper record cover with our Dear Deer Lady. I tried a new, quite fast, technique where I painted (with Wacom Cintiq 12wx) on top of a photo I took a few years ago. To fit the graphic profile of North Kingdom I made it black & white.


Download wallpapers — Dear Deer Black, 1920x1200 px (zip)

North Kingdom Creativity

Download soundtrack — Creatvt (North Kingdom) (mp3)
Download typeface Black Nun Bold (Illustration file) (.zip)


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