After Toronto this spring, I have got an invitation to speak at FITC in Tokyo and Seoul this December, but unfortunately I can't go when the timing wasn't the best. It's a really shame when I just love Japan and I have never been to Korea. However, Shawn Pucknell, FITC, also invited me to another interested event, this time in Austia in June 2011. FITC is working with a music festival called Springfestival in Austia to produce an interactive event in addition to their existing music event. It seems to be a pretty big event with "over 250 national and international DJs, Live-Acts & Visual-Artists, 14 event locations (4 main & 10 small) and 15000+ people attend every year in total". Sounds like the Springfestival can be pretty cool. It's a really honor and inspiration for us to visit these events to speak about our work. Usually I don't speech so often cause of ongoing projects and it takes some time to prepare this trips, but it happens maybe once or twice a year.

Note — FITC at Springfestival isn't confirmed yet.